Should I end it?

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Should I end it?

Post by cab1977 » Sun Jul 24, 2005 11:26 am

I've been seeing Adam for a month now. He's really good looking, funny and sensitive but he seems to take no interest in me other than wanting to sleep with me.

He texts me everyday but it's always revolving around one thing.

I've tried to get to know him better and tell him I'd like to go out on dates but it always comes back to the same subject.

I've hinted for a month that I'd like to be an item and that I don't do casual relationships and want more than one night stand and he's now beginning to say he wants more too but I think thats just to please me so I'll sleep with him.

If I suggest going out on dates like to the cinema he says he has no money, so I offer to pay but he doesn't reply. He won't meet me where I live or half way in the evenings I think because he likes to have a drink each night so I have to do 25 mile round trip to his house after he finishes work at 8.30pm even though I have to get up for work at 5.30am the next day and then feel shattered at work because I've only had five or six hours sleep and driven loads (I have to drive for about 5 hours a day for work too). Plus I have to drive home in the dark and I'm getting really fed up with doing so much driving now. He always seems to be busy at weekends so I can't even see him then to go on a date.

This whole situation is making me feel really boxed in. I've tried to end it with him three times already but he keeps texting me and trying to persuade me to keep seeing him.

I have slept with him twice and he texted me to say we must do it again because he really enjoyed it which makes me even more sure he's only after that. I'm worrying even with contraception what if I get pregnant and he won't stand by me because he may just be using me.

He's a friend of a friend so I've got to tread carefully as I'll defiantely bump into him again in the future.

Texting him is costing me loads in time and money and I would have loved a relationship with him longterm originally but after thinking he's only after one thing I've really gone off him, sex and relationships altogether.

I have been single for two years so I'm really out of practice. I do wonder if I've got lazy and need to make more of an effort at making things work but I can't help thinking he's just after a quick fling and I don't want to be used or hurt so this has really made me lose interest.

I'm not sure whether to trust him or not and whether to risk getting hurt or not?

I am lonely sometimes being single but I do enjoy my independence. I'm nearly thirty and a huge part of me would love to be married with kids but I know I can't go into a relationship thinking that far ahead.

Please, any advice anyone can give on whether I should try to make things work or end it would be really really appreciated.

I know other people have much bigger problems than me but I don't want to hurt Adams feelings and I feel so confused.

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