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in love??

PostPosted: Mon Oct 17, 2005 12:50 pm
by T
Hey guys gotta keep it short as im in work right now.
Basically i met this lad 4 years ago (i was with someone and so was he) we met through a mutual friend. I split with my partner and he did with his but we never got together at all (we used to meet up at night and at weekends secretly but we have never had a relationship) basically my friends call him my f*** buddy. It has been going on for 4 years now though which i feel is such a long time. we both go with other people , he has been throug han engegement and has since broken it off. all the time we were still together though! My head is confused about him. I think that i am in love with him but iu fear i can never tell him! we talk about everything and we know each other inside out but i just cant tell him the truth. Recently (last weekend!) he was going with a girl in front of me which made me soooo jealous so i went with his best friend (who i do like) He told his mate QUOTE "i dont give a s***, U can have her! . This really hurt me but i didnt say anything, i just told him i wasnt his to give away and to grow up. We were all out last nite together and EVERYONE comments on how close we look, i try to stay away from him but i cant seem to do it. I mean, 4 years is such a long time. Does he care? can you just men nothing to someone after so long? Help!!

*T* x x