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Should i be open with my sexuality?-dgs

PostPosted: Thu Oct 20, 2005 8:35 pm
by mattsglobe
Should i be open with my sexuality?

ok, this is a major issue or me, im not going to use real names in this for obvious reasons but everything else is very true.

I'm bisexual.
i don't know if i should go public or not, i mean nobody knows excpt me and well, you now since your reading this.

i think i'm in love (i know it sounds cheesy!), im only fifteen and i know my hormones are suppose to be all over the place but i have liked him for 3 1/2 years, thats gotta count for something! I think he likes me, although he is not openly bisxual or gay he constantly flirts. he gives me back massages recently, asks me if there nice softly and walks away before i can answer because there always seems to be omebody walking in on us.
lets his name is harold, he always 'forcefully interacts' with other people when i wlk past and look directly at me, all of his riends think he is just carrying on but everyone else knows he is so gay.
He always stares at me and when i catch him he either looks away shyly or smils at me flirtingly at which point my stomach twists so much i feel light headed. i really want to waltz up to him and grab him with my hands then lips.
but wot if he isnt gay? he would tell people.
ok. i dont care what people think at school or outside for that matter, never have. what i do care about is my parents, my mother should accept but my dad is another story, also my little brother and sister might be a little by threatend by the fact, my town is a really homophobic place to live what shoukld i do?