wow I need help

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wow I need help

Postby Ronin » Wed Nov 02, 2005 8:36 am

I met this girl online. I actually have known her for quite a while, we just never really talked. Once I got to know her, I just fell in love. I swear we have identical lives. We have so much in common, you would swear that we were twins separated at birth. Everything from same sleep problems, family problems, same style of clothing, the list goes on.

The only "problem" is that we havent know each other very long, and I began to get strong feelings for her. I know for a fact I do love her, its not just a crush. I would do just about anything for her, and I am concerned about her. I never get jealous of her being with other friends, which is a huge step for me. I just feel that if we were together everything would work out perfectly. It seems that our lives suck, without each others company.

I sort of told her how I felt. We got pretty loveable, and she almost fell in love with me after the first 3 days. The next day she had changed her mind. She said she was "afraid" and that she was not ready yet. She said she would only like to be friends for now, and she is worried that I would resent her for that. Just before she was talking to me, she had lost a few friends that same way. They insisted on dating her, and they chose a serious relationship over friendship. I assured her that our friendship could not be broken no matter what. I too care more about our friendship, but at the same time I just want to be with her.

She does have a boyfriend, but they dont spend time together anymore. They are pretty much like a divorced couple. He doesnt show her much compassion, and he is down right mean to her and makes her feel horrible. At first I just wanted to be friends with her, but the more I talked to her the more I liked her. She wants to break up with her boyfriend, but at the same time she is afraid. She is a very timid person, and is very sensitive.

I am so worried, that I told her how I felt too soon. I feel a bit stupid about it, however it was how I really felt about her, and I was dying to tell her. She has been having a really rough time lately with school, her health, and her social life. She is more quiet now, and I am worried something is wrong that she isnt telling me. I always ask her how she is doing, but then I feel dumb because I know things arent going well. When she doesnt talk to me right away, it worries me a bit that she may not care for me at all. She assures me that she cares for me, and even says that she loves me. However, she doesnt ask me how things are anymore. She is just really quiet lately.

Guys is there anything more I can do? I have only gotten advice from one person, and theys basicly said to be patient. Is there something more I should prove to her? Should I actually say, she is the one person I would like to be with, or atleast try it out? I do feel this way, and I wouldnt be going on and on if I wasnt absolutely sure that I loved her. I dont want to scare her away, and I dont want to give her too much space, because I dont want her to misunderstand and think that I no longer care. If you think I should ask her to give our relationship a chance, how long should I wait? It tears me apart inside, because I know she is dying for someone to keep her company. I am reaching out, but she wont take my hand yet.
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