How can I cope???

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How can I cope???

Postby Shelly1112 » Tue Mar 07, 2006 10:17 am

As you probably know from previous posts that me and my boyfriend have been having problems for a while. Me and my partner got back together about 3 weeks and things have been really great, i felt that things were finally starting to look up for us, he said to me Friday day that he was going to put my engagement ring back on my finger by the end of the month, i was so happy with this. Friday night we had one argument, when we woke up saturday morning he told me to get out of his house knowing full well i cant drive and left my bags on the doorstep. When i got home i phoned him and asked if he wanted to leave things there and he explained yes he had had enough of everything and all the arguing, even though it was only one small argument over something petty. I was devasted, he text me then and explained it was never gonna work between us. I went out on saturday night and one of my friends gave this boy my number, who then text me on sunday i explained to this boy that i was still cut up about my b'friend and really wanted to get back with him.

Yesterday me and my boyfriend had a talk and even mentioned to him about relationship counselling, thats how much i want this relationship to work, we then decided to give it another go. I then thought i had better mention about the boy who text me just to be honest and truthful, i explained everything that i was texting him about my boyfriend. He went crazy and told me to leave him alone and that he doesnt want to be with me anymore, he said i had really blown it for him now. Even though last year i found out he was texting a girl and met her but i still took him back. He keeps telling me it's over and he really doesnt want to know, says he loves me but we cant be together.

Really confuses me how one minute he wants to put an engagement ring on my finger then the next he wont be with me.

How do i get over this??? feels like i'm begging him to take me back and he's not interested. I feel so down,, depressed and empty. Grateful for responses
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