How to get over this?

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How to get over this?

Post by Shelly1112 » Tue Mar 07, 2006 12:05 pm

As you can probably see from previous posts me and my boyfriend have been having relationship problems for a while. We got back together about 3 weeks ago and things have been really great. He told me Friday that he wanted me to wear the engagement ring again soon, as we got engaged this time last year and because things have been up and down we called it off. I was so happy to hear him say that.

Friday night we went out and had an argument, when we woke up sarurday morning i wanted to talk about it but he just asked me to get out of his house and put mu bags on his door step. When i got home i decided to phone him to try and sort things out but he kept telling me it was over and never gonna work, that really hurt me because only 24 hours previous he wanted to be engaged again. He kept texting me throughout the day stating we were never gonna happen and to move on.

I felt devasted and empty by this, so decided to go out for a night with my friends. Whilst out with my friends, one of friends gave this boy my number. This boy then text me on sunday, but thats all i could do was explain to him how much i loved my boyfriend and how much i wanted to sort things out.

I finally got to speak to my boyfriend yesterday, we had a really good talk and he said he does love and does want the relationship but hates the arguments, and to be honest the one argument we had was so petty. After a good chat we decided to give things another go, so i thought i would be honest with him and tell him about the boy who had text me, i explained what was said in the texts. He went mad, stating that he cant trust me now and its no way things are going to work out between us. I was only trying to be honest and in my eyes i know i shouldnt be texting other boys but was only talking to this boy about how much i lovemy boyfriend.

I have spoke to him today and he has stated that it is def over and he wants all his stuff from my house. It really hurts me the fact that he can just move out over one little argument and the fact i was trying to be honest with him.

I love this boy to bits and have more or less begged him to get back with me but he keeps telling me no. I have told him i'm willing to go to relationship counselling to try and help us get through this but he's really not interested.

Where do i go from here? What can I do??? Do you think i'm in the wrong for being honest???? Feel so empty and low and just need answers which he is not willing to give me. Feel as if i cant move on, he's my world and i feel that i need him. Grateful for advice.x

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