Straight Edge.

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Straight Edge.

Post by Bastet » Mon Mar 27, 2006 11:09 pm

Helloo :rainbow:

How is everyone? I would just like some advice about how to "play" this one. And I suppose we could develope this topic on a different "forum" as I think the whole straight edge thing is something that some people would find appealing!!

Okay for those who don't know Straight edge is more than just a title or catagory it's a way of life, not quite like a religion but it's a "healthy" alternative to the way "normal" youths live there lives! *I promise this isn't an ad!!* Anyway it involves alot of dicipline, dedication, I completly admire it, although I could NEVER do it! I just have weak will power. So They abstain from Sex, No Drink, No Drugs, No meat.. and theres other sort of "conditions" to the straight edge life style.

So heres my lil conundrum. I go to a club every friday and the DJ there is lets put he has the "holy Grail" of backsides.(Not that I'm objectifying him in anyway!! :roll: ) :oops: <--- That is me everytime I see him, I completly melt!!! He's straight edge, which I completly don't get he could have a choice of any woman in that place! He's really nice, quite quiet, not shy at all hes quite....crude really. Anyway The problem is I am not straight edge, I drink and I smoke ( I have done drugs), I do eat meat. Although I agree with the whole "no sex before marriage, even though I am not religious in that sense.

We have spoken a number of times, I've known him about 4 years not closely but enough to you know be friendly with each other. And he plays me Barry White (thats cute cos its a rock club.) About two weeks ago he fell victim to my drunkeness though and last week he was a lil cold but all his mates were in so I think that may have been part of it. The down side on him is that I have a wee bit of a history with one of his old best friends- they arent really friends anymore. And I think that may play a part in why he wouldnt really want anything more than friendship Because it was an odd kind of situation- one every one knows about too..

Thats not all thats worrying me. Because we don't really know each other and I'm not really "attractive" in a conventional sense I'm wondering what is there that i could really offer him. And How I could get the ball sort of rolling you know, getting to know him. I've always getting to know someone was part of a relationship but you have to have something to talk and bond over to begin with.. So I'm wondering How do you go about "snaring" someone whos not conventional?!! How on earth do you get his attention??!!
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