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PostPosted: Sun Apr 16, 2006 11:20 am
by brfc
as u know me and my ex split up 6 weeks ago. well ive attempted too stay friends with her but i feel that she is rubbing in the fact shes got a new b/f. im still getting over her as we were together 4 years but she seems too have moved on nicely got a new b/f and doing all the things we would have done but with him now. mayb i should ask her too stop texting me telling me about what there both doing. i dont think she would do it too upset me but can never tell. guess the girl i went out with is not the same as the one she is now. she doesnt give a toss about my feelings or she wouldnt have cheated on me and found someone else so soon after we broke up. i live in a small town and we go too same places so id rather stay friendly with her than avoid her but not sure what to do. :(