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lets call him person x

PostPosted: Fri May 12, 2006 8:20 am
by tracy1987
please dnt judge me though... i spent 3 nights with this guy. i rly regret the first ever night with him tho, as it wasnt expected and we both stopped tlkin to one another after that for a little while.i prob gave the impression that i liked him more as a friend... but then we got tlkin again and became good friends again :) ... i developed feelings for him i ddnt realise. i kissed him on a night out one night and that told me yes :s then the 2nd night came, and we had both been drinkin.. and that went further than the first. i ddnt sleep with person x in any of these nights by the way!! just that other things happened if u kno wat i mean. he knew i liked him, cos i told him. a few months later, we stil talk and stil friends etc and i knows he has some1 is his mind who he likes -i kno this girl but dunno who it is tho. the 3rd night happened last night. i was only over his to watch a film, then we went to bed. but he started hugging me and holdin my hands etc. so i thought yeh ok thats not too bad... he then started to go further. at this point i thought, erm.. i cant do wat what we did for the previous 2nights so i stopped him. throughout the night, the same things happened again. we were both sober last night, and that meant somethin to me cos it was the first night that we both hadnt been drinkin, even tho things stil happened. correct me if im wrong....... i like person x. but i think he just wants casual fun with me. wantin me whenever he feels like as he knows i like him. somebody told me that i shuld back out b4 i get rly hurt by him, and cos i hav these feelings for him that r too strong to explain. plz help and tel me wat u think...:(