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ah men!

PostPosted: Tue May 16, 2006 2:17 pm
by walters2415
Hey its me again. More ex troubles. Since I wrote my last thing on here me and my ex have been getting on so well. Hes been calling me everyday when I see him its like we are together. Its been great, this has been going on for about 5/6 werks. Anyway I asked him to come to town with me cos I owe him some money so was going to buy him an England shirt he said he will think about it. He thinks way to much and os I spent last Thursday with him and we had the most amazing day together. He said he said he wants to ‘take it easy’ what does this mean!! And then y’day we sorta agrued a bit and got shitty with eachother he sed it feels like we are going out again cos we have spoken on the phone everyday and I told him that I have not once asked him to call me and I hardly ever call him first. Bear in mind we were together for nearly two years. I think hes scared that it will be all full on again. I know he loves talking to me all the time and also spending time with me. Any advice. Would be great thanks. x