Should I really be keeping things from him?

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Should I really be keeping things from him?

Post by jennie123 » Mon Jun 12, 2006 9:33 am

I have just entered a new relationship and i'm very happy. I don't think about it often, but I do occassionally wonder what his ex was like. I work with someone who knows her and they commented on how different we are and said we are almost the complete opposite. I didn't initiate this conversation and I didn't really ask anything whilst we were talking about it.
My boyfriend did bring up the conversation of exs once and that is the only time we have ever really spoken about it, and again I didn't ask too many questions, I think I was concious of sounding paranoid!
Is it normal to be thinking like this?!

Another thing which I am a bit concerned about that I am doing, is that he tells me absolutely everything, but there are a few things I have kept from him, not to be deceitful but just because I didn't think they were worth bringing up. I think its also because the previous relationships i've been in my exs have been very jealous minded.
But for example he told me when his ex girlfriend text him, and asked what I thought he should do (I said if you want to be friends text her back, if you don't, don't text her). My ex text me a few days ago and I didn't say anything, I had bumped into his best friend that day so I think that was the only reason he text me just to see how I was. A friend of a friend also started sending me messages, quite innocently I thought, but it turned out he had other ideas. To save his embarrassment I told my friend to mention I that I wasn't single and since then he hasn't bothered me, but again this is something I haven't told my boyfriend.
The thing I feel worst about is I lied about how many people I'd slept with and i didn't count one of them. But this is only because I felt this person had been very forceful, I never had any intention of sleeping with him and I kept saying no. I was really upset about it, and it still sometimes bothers me now. The other thing is he knows the person, I know they are friends, not close, but I just think it would only cause trouble if he knew.
I still don't think I should tell him this. But I am starting to think, that because of the way he is with me, honesty obviously means a lot to him, and I feel like it would annoy him more I hadn't told him. I really like that he can tell me things without worrying i'll be jealous or angry, and I really like that he is honest, I don't want him to stop being like that, which I'm worried he will if he feels i'm keeping things from him.

What should I do?

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