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Boyfriend.....Other Boy (No Im Not Planning On Cheating)

PostPosted: Mon Jun 12, 2006 12:32 pm
by lilessexgal
Well as some of you might know i have been with my boyfriend happily for 7 months now. i have never been happier i really havent and i couldnt ask for anyone better. he treats me just like a bloke should and we dont argue at all.

now boy number 2 comes into it. i met him a few years back. he was going out wit a girl i knew but we didnt get on well back then and we kind of ended up realising we liked each other and we kissed. then this girl split up with him after problems and he left...he lives an hour and a half away.

anyways i left it at that yes i really liked him and i thought he liked me to but i was young i thought ill get over it.

now we managed to get in contact a few months ago 3 years on and now hes saying hes never fogotten me and that he doesnt want to split me and my boyfriend up but he will wait for me to pick up the pieces if and when we split.

hes messing with my head. i love my boyfriend so much and would never cheat on him but iv always felt a small something for this boy and i know this is wrong so how do i get rid of the feeling?

im happy because i know if things do end between me and my boyfriend (which i hope they wont) i will have someone to help me pick up the pieces but i dont want to feel that now.

this is really confusing so sorry guys if i need to explain better but any advice would be appreciated.

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