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time to tell....

PostPosted: Sun Jul 02, 2006 9:59 am
by chosenfew
in a past post i have said i have a really flat chest, not even a 32a. i always wear breast enhancers which makes them a 34a. no one in this world knows about this not even my mum. anyway...iv been with my boyfriend about 9weeks and when ever we have sex i always leave my top on which he isnt that bothered about.

i am goin to stay in a hotel with him on friday and i really wanna take my top off and my bra because i wanna feel his skin next to mine ect.. BUT how do i actually come to telling him? i dont wanna really tell him i wear chicken fillets coz im embarrised and ashamed of it as it is. it really gets me down. i kno that he really likes me and wont be bothered but i just dont wanna tell him this.

anyone any ideas of how else i can do this?