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Pining for my mate...

PostPosted: Sat Dec 16, 2006 10:19 pm
by Anjelica
Hi guys so ive left my old job now and my best mate behind, unfortunatley i feel like ive left a part of me there with him. We have a strange history together. ive liked people and hes liked people and we have both been there for each other when theyve failed. we txt each other constantly without fail every nite b4 bed and fall asleep together or go on msn and gossip together, give advice and stuff. However we never really hung out together out side of work for various reasons, hes always working, at uni or i was feeling low confidence at the time. When i first started my friendship with him 2 years ago i did have a whopper of a crush on him and i told him and we just laughed it off and in time it went away and i wasnt attracted to him anymore. There were several reasons it would never have worked i mean im 22 and hes 19 and im christian and hes devout muslim and well lets just say his family have plans for him marriage wise We always joked how we would be so close when were old and decrepid and now im seperated frm him i find myself very much missing him. His smile, his jokes and just generally being around him. I thought i had gotten over my crush as its been years but now i dnt know. Its like ive lost my soul mate. But i dnt know if its just old memories playing tricks on me whilst im feeling emotional. :roll: