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on my own

Postby Lady21 » Fri Mar 30, 2007 12:36 pm

I am on my work placement for uni, for a full year. I have been taken on as a business student along with three other IT students. I just feel everyone thinks am less important as I am only business and not IT. The boss seems to ave a grudge against me, dont no y. I just feel so down and depressed about it all am constantly worrying about work. I just feel everything I do is wrong! :(
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Postby clobo » Fri Mar 30, 2007 1:58 pm

Don't worry you are not on your own in this! I did a placement when I was at uni at a Graphic Design company for 2 weeks. During those two weeks I was treated more as a tea lady more than anything else! I was asked to photocopy, get drinks, answer the phone and file. Nothing at all to do with Graphics! Towards the end of my placement I said to the boss "I feel like I have just been working in an office for the past two weeks, do you think I could have another two weeks and have a go at doing something that has something to do with what I'm trying to get a degree in." He just looked at me and then said "!Yeah why not, we could give you a try." For the next two weeks I was designing small projects (like business cards and logos) and having a great time!
I think that because you are on a placement people automatically see you a general dogs body and have little respect for you. You don't necessarily work for them, so as far as they are concerned you have to stay for your placement and general rules DO NOT apply! Stand up to your boss! Have a quiet word and explain that you are there for part of your Uni course and to learn the business and gain experience. Then explain that you feel you have not been treated as you should and would like to feel more like a part of the team, rather than been isolated just because you are not on their payrole. They should appreciate you taking an interest and helping them out. Be interested!!! No matter what they fire at you. Keep a positive attitude and things will be fine. Don't let them grind you down!!! Hope this helps and good luck!

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