how can i be so stupid!

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how can i be so stupid!

Postby xfayelouisex » Sun Jun 24, 2007 5:43 pm

well as many of you know i have been on hear about being unemployed for the last 9 months, well i finally got a job....but im not comfortable there i've been there a week and already im unhappy there, i left my last job because i became very depressed there, and then came the 9 month gap, this new job is in the same town as my last one, so i have to travel but its more hours than my last one, but the travel monthly card has gone up since i last traveled to this town, and quite a bit as well, with this job i work until 7-8pm and i don't get home till 8-9pm depending when i finished, also the atmosphere there is awful if someone does something wrong they are so frightened, this is a upmarket fashion retail store, and they have tight deadlines and rules and everyone's so tence, and not very friendly, alot of them are also very stuck up as well, my last three jobs where all relaxed but still very well ruled. i feel so stupid to makethis mistake twice, the only reason i took the job was because i was so desperate and i couldn't get a job in my home town, but now i think i should try for a job in my own town and not travel as it makes my days very long, i promised myself i whould put my happiness first unlike last time where i ignored it untill i cracked and just quit my job, so nowim thinking if i stay there whilst looking for a job in my home town whilst its still early days a won't be in too much danger of just quiting like i did the last one, but i feel guilty for feeling this way and feel i shouldn't so early on into the job, but i know in my heart i won't change my mind, also it has become clear to methe only job i ever like of mine was in my home town and it wasn't in fashion retail, it was in retail but not that sort, my other two jobs and this current one, are in fashion retail and they where all in this other town, i feel i have let everyone down, my nan and boyfriend thought this would be it and i whould settle down in this one, but i don't think i can, i told them i will stay at this job untill i get another, as i know the concerqencies, but i don't think they believe me at all, i don't know why i can't settle down anywhere both my perment jobs i have had have been short lived, one lasting 5 months and the other just two days, what is wrong with me, i don't knowif its the travel that others me or just the job, but the town where i work now, we want to move to as soon as probs beginning of next year, so do i keep the travel and look for a non fashion retail job, or do i bin the travel and look for a non fashion retail job in my own town, i feel very mixed up at the moment butthe only thing im sure of is this job isn't for me. and if don't find another one soon, i will be heading down the same road to quitting, also im worried if i start looking for other jobs and get interviews employers are going to look badly upon the fact i want to leave my job after such a short time what whould i say. i wish i didn't have this problem.
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Re: how can i be so stupid!

Postby retrochav » Mon Jun 25, 2007 1:19 pm

like relationships, most of us have to kiss a lot of frogs to find a prince. I worked in so many jobs i lost count! Some i loved, some i hated, but as soon as i felt it was time to, i moved on.

In your case, tell any new employer at an interview that because of the travel required in the current job, you feel you cant be as flexible as you would like to be. Tell them that you feel hot and unproffessional from travelling for an hour on public transport and are concerned that the companies image could be at stake! Never run down your current or prior employer as it makes you look like a trouble maker. Showing concern about your service and their image makes you look devouted!! (well its always worked for me)

Is retail really the trade for you? Customers can be rude and partronising, staff can compete for commission and seem cold. No harm in learning a new skill or trying something else.
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