Bitchy work colleagues

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Bitchy work colleagues

Postby keithokent » Mon Jul 09, 2007 6:17 pm

Hi, im having trouble with a number of work colleagues who seem to enjoy witching about me and several other people behind our backs. They are mainly witching about my work, and think i seem to do less than them, although i have asked my manager and his boss and neither of them have a problem with my work, in fact say im pretty good at my job.

The main problem is their is another manager who covers my managers work and doesnt like me, and these women get on well with her. I have overheard them whispering about me whilst on my lunch break, and im pretty sure they do it on a regular basis, along with the manager(who is a woman). Ive made my manager and his manager aware, that im happy with being bitched about, especially about my work, when no-one has said anything to me. He asked me if i wanted to take it further, but i decided not to as im not confident of anything happening to the women(by the company). It has now got to the stage where i dont talk to anything of the women unless i have to, and am worried its starting to effect my health.

Any advice welcome. Thanks
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Postby Lolly - Pop » Tue Jul 10, 2007 9:01 am

My guess it that they are witching about you because you are good at your work. These women are nothing but playground bullies. I would try and ignore them.
I would considerer taking it further against the boss which is also witching about you cause they are in a position of responsibility and should not be joining in with the witching if they have a problem with your work they should be professional in dealing with it. Your boss has suggested that you take it further so it sounds like he thinks you have a good case, if you are nervous about doing this on your own could you get together some of the other people who are being bitched about for support.
I know it will be hard but the only way to beat bullies is to stand up to them.
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Re: Bitchy work colleagues

Postby retrochav » Tue Jul 10, 2007 1:59 pm

Its a tough one, but if you arent prepared to take it further at present, my advice would be to ignore it.

Keep a diary of what is happening in case you change your mind. It can be very disturbing to find people are witching about you, but you have to wonder what work they are doing if they are constantly watching yours! Find out if there is any group welfare team in your workplace for confidential counselling.
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Postby crazeymunkey » Tue Aug 07, 2007 8:39 pm

Usually problems like this wil tend to carry on unless u do something about it. I was in such a similar prob, i herd someone say something about me in front of the managers and they wer discussing me, i stuck my head down and beared it, trust me it doesnt work.
I think the best thing to do is confront this person, and if ther jelous then they must think highly of themselves so give them a litle bit of a confidence boost and they will soon be on your side.
This worked i was as the lady who was sayin things had been ther a long time and was respected alot, i just didnt fit in, obviously she was the one stirring rubbish about me around the place, one day i sed to ' u are so good at your job and then had a chat with her' i guess she took her job seriously in a way and didnt think i was after that eerythin was fine and she was then my work friend and and i had her on my side.
a little bit of an ego boost goes a long way trust me

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