trainee v department head

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trainee v department head

Postby suki » Thu Sep 20, 2007 5:05 pm


Im working as a production trainee for a film production company and i have been so careful not to put a foot wrong because i know how lucky i am to have this job. At the beginning i was doing all the small jobs around the office so had alot of free time to help other departments, ie: makeup, wardrobe, art etc. now it is a month in and i have been given more responsibilty and am alot more busy,, im working 60 hour weeks and my life is gone!

Basically, one of the department heads keeps on asking me to do things for her, even though i am not her trainee i am the production departments. she asked me to order something for her on monday (at the worst time because i was the only person in the office and had triple the work load and was run off my feet! ) and i forgot to order it for her, she rang me 3days later and gave out jelly to me. Oh and plus that, last week the production manager put an embargo on ordering stationary. So if i dont order it i get a jelly storm from the one in wardrobe but if i order it i have to tell the production manager that i forgot..which i think will make me look unprofessional!! please someone give me some advice as to what to still in that position where standing up to people above me is not my forte!!

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Postby Bel Bel » Fri Sep 21, 2007 10:40 am

You need to tell anyone who is telling you what to do in future that you can't do it without them going through your line manager first.
Tell your line manager exactly what's happening and say that you are committed to doing your job 100% for them but unforntunately you opened yourself up to an expectation by others that you would help them in the begining and you can't continue to do it and be effective in your responsibilities to her. Ask her/him if it is ok to refer any other requests via them in future.
This should stop people taking the mick pretty much immediately or at least your boss can be in control of things you do and don't do outside your alloted job.
What are you contracted to work and do you get overtime?

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Postby chocolate&wine » Sun Sep 23, 2007 6:22 pm

hey hun
i agree with Bel Bel; you need to speak to your line manager and tell her whats been going on. it should'nt be left to you to tell another department head that your basically assigned to another department and you can't help out. leave it for the "hierarchy" to deal with and save yourself a headache! :P good luck X
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