Nightmare boss

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Nightmare boss

Postby spacegirl » Fri Nov 23, 2007 1:11 am

I have been working in my current job for about two years now, i recently went full time since i finished uni, and i'm absolutely hating it. it's not the job that i hate, i'm very good at my job, and i get on vry well with all of my colleagues, but my new boss is an absolute nightmare. every year we get a pay raise depending on performance, and i have worked very hard towards this, even during my final year exams i always put 100% into my job. I'm the only person in the department to have met 110% on all of my targets (despite being part time and having the same targets as full time members of staff), i'm never late, i never call in sick, always presentable, and clients love me.

however this week i called in sick for the first time this year on monday as i had been suffering from the cold all weekend and just didnt fancy going to work feeling like i did, my manager called me into the office on tuesday and laid into me about phoning in sick wth a hangover (!), about my standards slipping, and went on about one piece of paperwork that hadn't been filed away properly about a month ago,even though it was very minor and made no effect on the business whatsoever. this is only one of the instances that i have encountered with her, she always seems to be picking up on every small bad thing that i do and bringing them up in front of my colleagues, as though trying to make an example of me (even though a colleague of mine recently falsified a customer's signature without the client's knowledge or consent, and this was overlooked). she sends me emails criticising my work, and cc's in the rest of the team. i'm open to criticism, but it's strange that i'm the only person who has the whole team cc'd into correspondance. i am constantly threatened with disciplinaries, warnings, and after i called in sick on monday she's told me that i probably wont be getting my payraise. i don't see the point in her getting at me like this because frankly it doesn't motivate me to work towards a payraise i now probably wont be getting.

I really needed that payraise and i don't feel i deserve the way she has treated me in work. but i don't know who i can speak to about this, or if i'm just overreacting? I just feel that no matter what i do is good enough, and one minor mistake is enough to wipe out an entire flawless record and have to start afresh. i couldn't care less about what she thinks of me, but my bonuses and payraise depend on her. should i confront her, or go straight to HR? i know that if i confront her she'll get very defensive and not take me seriously, and if HR get involved it'll make things worse between us.
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Postby fairy of darkness » Fri Nov 23, 2007 8:51 am

Well she can't be treating you this way. Are any of your colleagues aware of how she treats you? if so, use them as witnesses and back up, as i think you should speak to HR about this.

You are being unfairly treated and she has no right to do that. If it is brought to peoples attention i think you'll get a lot more support than you first realised.

Keep updating us here :)

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Postby Bel Bel » Fri Nov 23, 2007 9:58 am

if she is being unreasonable HR will alos be quick to point out that she needs to back off because if you left and sued they for unfair treatment it would cost a lot of money
Beofre you go to HR build up a list of evidence and include copies of e mails cc'd to colleagues about problems
Ask someone totally independent to see if you have included anything unnecessary of that could be taken as you being sensitive
Then present your file to HR
It's difficult to get colleagues to back you up in these situations because they fear the reprecussions too
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Postby lidopig » Fri Nov 23, 2007 10:49 am

Hi spacegirl,
I agree with all of the above,especially Bel Bel. What about joining a Union.They would certainly back you up and give you free legal advice etc if it came to a crunch.I hope not,but it does seem you are being treated unfairly and victimised.Good luck,and don't let her get you down!
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Postby sunshine girl » Fri Nov 23, 2007 12:16 pm

It does sound like your boss is treating you unfairly and I don't think you're overreacting. You can complain to HR but I can understand your concerns about this making things worse so my advice would be to hold fire for a couple of weeks and start to get some bits and bobs together to support yourself.

First off I'd go to the Citizen's Advice Bureau and ask them where you stand because knowledge is power! Secondly I would get hold of a copy of your company's grievance proceedure so you'll know how it works if you do decide to persue it, (it's important you do this because if you do decide at any point to take your company to an Employment Tribunal your failure to follow thier proceedure could be looked on unfavourably).

Finally (and as previously suggested) I would start keeping a record of every incidence where your boss behaves unreasonably. Print and keep all emails that she sends you (particularly the ones where she cc's in other memvers of staff) and keep a journal of all behavoiur where you feel she is picking on you (note what she says, and who she says it in front of as HR could ask them about it, also keep a record of dates and times). If you are organised and know what you're talking about HR are more likely to take you seriously.

Once you've got a collection of bits together, I'd ask to have an informal meeting with HR to discuss your concerns and see what (if any) difference it makes and then go from there. Make sure you keep copies of all the info you give HR as you don't want to end up losing it all!

Good luck!
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Re: Nightmare boss

Postby retrochav » Fri Nov 23, 2007 11:08 pm

Print out her emails and keep a log of incidents that happen. You cannot go to a tribunal until employed for one year except in cases of direct discrimation or illegal deduction of wages.

However, constructive dismissal is just what the manageress seems to be aiming at, and as Bel Bel said, that would cost the company dear! I would suggest getting advice from the ACCAS website who looks at such cases objectively for you and advise.

You should certainly raise a grievance with Human Resources. Keep a few emails to show them what is happening. Dont be pushed out until you have lots of evidence to use against the company - and raising internal grievance will give you an edge to go to Tribunal if you really have to, as it proves you gave the company a chance to resolve this.
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