help! advice needed on married man scenario...

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help! advice needed on married man scenario...

Postby Strangelove » Mon May 26, 2003 12:03 am

Hi people. this is my 1st time here at the message board so please excuse any ignorance i may have towards any message board regulations! I really need some advice about this guy. basically, i've always fancied this guy from afar, but never done anything because he is married with kids and kept away from it. anyway, he is one of my bosses at work. One lunchtime, he joined me and my friends for lunch. as they were chatting more about the past things at work, i haven't been there that long so didn't say much. the boss was sitting opposite me and kept averting eye contact with me and staring down when he saw me and i thought this was strange. anyway, i kept eating and kept noticing he was staing down in my direction. finally i saw he was staring at my tits!!! i was really shocked but kept averting his complete eye contact also. anyway, my friends were staring down at their food, and i saw the boss, once again, look at my chest, so stared up at him, and we met eyes for once. i am not joking, we stared at each other for wot seemed like ages and there was a blatent spark between us. we both recognised this and went really red and looked away really quickly and carried on with the conversation. i was soooooo shocked this happened - seriously! anyway, i went away reeling a bit but thought nothing would happen next. how wrong i was! the next day, a guy was training me at work and had to come in externally, and the boss was BLATENTLY hanging around, like never b4. he isn't even my line manager! anyway, the guy who was training me on some new equipment left, but i ended up mucking it up again, so he had to be called out again. this boss called him and he didn't need to!!! then all my other supervisors and line manager were standing around when the trainer came back in and were taking the mickey out of me and the boss was just STARING at me! anyway, the trainer said to me "hi trouble!" and my other supervisor said to me" oh he knows your name already!" really joking to me, but kept GOING on about it. anyway, the boss turned round to the supervisor and said " well it takes one to know one" quite sternly and then SMILED at me!! then another time i was walking with a colleague to another room and the boss was passing us, and he grunted a "hi" to my colleague, but then turned round to me and accentuated a "hiiiiii!" to me, and said "oh you haven't managed to call the trainer back in have u?!" and he was blatently staring at me! then the other week, he started acting really funny with me. he took some chocolates round saying he had passed the board for his permanent position at work (he was temp b4) and he was talking to every1 normally, but when he came to me, he acted really nervous, and jumpy, and couldn't make eye contact with me at all, and couldn't wait to get away from me! he kept gazing away and then quickly moved onto someone else! i was like, what the hell have i done to u??? then i went to get a key off him for something and then he was all hot with me, pushing the key into my hand and staring into my eyes! then i have backed off a bit this week, cos i've realised its not going to happen with him obviously, and he keeps giving me the eye from across the room suttley, when he thinks i'm not looking, and keeps looking at me with the other blokes i work with but hasn't said one word to me, like "hi" since a couple of weeks back since this all kicked off! anyway, this is the short version! sorry for boring u all! any advice on this situation would be sooooooo gratefully appreciated!!!!
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Postby stressed » Fri Jun 13, 2003 9:10 am

i would seriously back off or maybe consider finding another job. this mans obviously not intrested and probebly only wants you for a bit of sex. but wats all this hassel worht? nothing. i mean do you rele want to get involved with a married man its not worth the hassel. yeah it mite give you adrenilin rush sneaking around in secret for a quick kiss etc but 50% of all affairs get fond out and do you realy want his wife on your back? i no i wouldnt!

hope this helps please let me no how you get on
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