Let down at work

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Let down at work

Postby bbrown116 » Sat Jun 07, 2008 4:40 pm

Right, so I'm the co-manager of a small business which my friend and I recently took over. The plan was that he would help with the set-up, then someone else would fill in for him for awhile as he had to leave the country on business for a few months. The problem is that all the work he was meant to do never happened and his replacement is just as bad. I'm rushed off my feet doing two people's work from 8am-10pm some days and I'm still way behind. I've also recently found out that the 'business' he had to go see to was travelling for pleasure with friends. I can't make this work without him as he was the sole provider of the money we needed at the beginning; without him, there would be no business. His temporary replacement is no better; every time I turn my back he goes to see his partner and doesnt come back that day. Unfortunately, I cant afford to offer a good enough wage to attract anyone to replace him.

At the same time, one of my key staff members seems to have taken a dislike to me. We did the same job for awhile, only she worked there for twice as long as I did and I think she feels she should be in charge and not me. As a result, she's only doing what I explicitly ask her to do and taking her time with her work so I have to pay her ridiculous amounts of overtime. The rest of my senior staff look to her for an example and as a result are also working slowly. I've talked to them about it and we agreed solutions which suited us all, but nothing changed.

It seems like the staff my predecessor could rely on the most want her back, even though she is still involved to a limited extent in the company (she can't wotrk due to illness) and supports me completely, even thinks I'm doing well in the circumstances. The customers are happier than ever with our work and the rest of the staff have been excellent, but none of them have the experience to be promoted into higher positions.

Do have any suggestions? Should I promote people who aren't ready and take the risk or keep trying with who I have in the hope they come round. its only been a few months since I took over but its seriously affecting my health and my quality of life...I'm not even sure I've explained the problem very well, I'm just too tired.
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Postby Bel Bel » Mon Jun 09, 2008 10:17 am

You need to have a serious chat with the co owner and tell them the fill in isn't working out and you need him to sort it. Tell him with the hours your working your going to burn out and then you won't be there to run the place

Stop the overtime immediately. Give the work to someone else and tell them they will be rewarded with promotion if they can prove themselves, give them the incentive to show you what they can do.

I would make a example of the hard workers and reward them and take a chance. It sounds like you have nothing to lose

It might get worse before it gets better but sometimes thats the only way to solve the problem

Try and give as much as your work to other people as you can. You need to learn who you can trust and find out who is an asset to you
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Postby morris mouse » Tue Jun 10, 2008 10:56 am

bbrown116 wrote: It's only been a few months since I took over but its seriously affecting my health and my quality of life...

Hello "bbrown116"

I notice from your post,that,the stress of this is already causing serious damage to your health. :(

You have now reached the point,where, you really need to
do something about this.

As "Bel Bel" has said,try and give as much of your work to other people as you can. You need to learn who you can trust and find out who is an asset to you.
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Postby bbrown116 » Sun Jun 15, 2008 6:13 pm

Thanks for the advice guys, here's an update.
I tried talking to my co-manager but he's actually switched his phone off which is frustrating. I then asked the previous owner, a friend, for advice. I hired two new people I knew I could trust and promoted a third and between the four of us we've spread the work around; I even got some time off!
Unfortunately, my senior team were still behaving the same way and after talking to them again I've decided that I can't keep them on and wait for them to improve. The new team is already doing just as good a job (the newly promoted one and two newly hired ones) as the old team and are getting better every day; they've got the initiative to try new things and they're all very good at doing what I would do in the same situation. They've pi8cked up new business and the old customers are delighted with the new attitude of some of the staff.
As a result, my health has also improved a lot which is fantastic!
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Postby sunshine girl » Mon Jun 16, 2008 1:30 am

Sounds like everything is working out well! Just a quick word of warning, it might be worth getting some advice from an employment law solicitor before getting rid of the old team as there are certain proceedures that have to be followed prior to dismissal and failure to adhere to this could leave you open to claims of unfair dismissal. Hope it all works out ok!
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