Problem with Jobcentre

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Problem with Jobcentre

Postby xao » Tue Dec 15, 2009 3:18 pm


I'm not sure if I can get help from you regarding my problem with Jobcebtre services but I thought it will be a good idea to contact you and try.

I'm Polish and I live in UK for permanent since 05/03/2005. I was always working,paying taxes etc.
This year, on 17/07/2009 I'v lost my employment, I was sucked in other words.
I've made my claim for JSA on 20/07/2009 due to weekend so Jobcentre was closed. Since that time, I've never been paid JSA and I'm still struggling to get it till today.
Jobcentre made terrible mistakes while dealing with my claim. They haven't informed me when they needed more information and paperwork from me at the first stage. The only reason I've found out was because I was calling Jobcentre very often (i can proove it on my mobile bills).
Even though I have provided all possible proof regarding my work history in the United Kingdom, my claim was taking long time to process it. During that time I have called Jobcentre many times (I had high mobile bills after because I couldn't go to Jobcentre every single time I had to call) I was misinformed, mislead or nobody called me when I was requesting callback (most of the time). Finally they have made a decision and on 16/09/2009 to disallow my JSA claim because I haven't passed residency test in a meaning I haven't worked for at least one employer for a year without breaks. I have called Jobcentre and I was told that this letter is wrong and it was sent to me by mistake. I have also received original P45 and Worker Registration Certificate of somebody else with a same surname as mine. I have asked for a breakdown of that JSA decision. I have waited for a week and called Jobcentre again requesting a callback. When I was called , I was told that the letter was actually right and I'm not eligible for JSA. When I have received a breakdown of the decision and reason for it. There were mistakes done because start date of one employment was wrong (date is clearly visible on each P45, impossible to get it wrong), half of my employment details were mixed with that other person with same surname and the biggest mistake which a decision was based on was my employment duration. I have worked for employer for more than enough time,almost 2 years and Jobcentre even put that dates on a breakdown ,and also writing that I haven't worked for at least a year,this is ridiculous. I was told over the phone that I haven't registered on time with Home Office which is wrong and mistake again made by Jobcentre. Home Office and law says that people should sent paperwork to them within 30 days from start date but if it will be anytime after 30 days, date that Home Office will register details and send Working Registration Certificate, will be treated as a first date of employment. Jobcentre interpreted that wrong and based decision on wrong facts of employment of other person, and not knowing the English Law which I know better. I have asked for Legal Advice and my advisor had conference call with me and Jobcentre. They have admitted to mistake but I was told that I need to send formal appeal anyway because that's the way system works. I've sent appeal straight away, my legal advisor closed the case,it looked as it's sorted. Well,it's still not. My appeal was sent from Handsworth BDC to Wolverhampton appeals team for some reason, although my home address belongs to Handsworth area. Wolverhampton sent appeal to Belfast. Finally I have received a letter from Belfast sent to me on 03/11/2009 stating that they have changed the decision (so I'm eligible) and they have sent paperwork back to Handsworth BDC so they can inform me about my JSA entitlement and pay the money. For some reason it was sent again from Handsworth BDC to Wolverhampton. Since that time I've made plenty of calls to find out how long it's gonna take or are there any problems with it. I was given so many wrong informations over and over that I have doubts that my appeal wasn't lost or something. I have some voicemail messages for Jobcentre to prove how badly they are doing their job. I was told just recently that they don't know anything about letter from Belfast so I was told to fax it to Handsworth BDC which I did (I have a ceipt from Jobcentre office in Smethwick - I have moved there a month ago) I've sent it two weeks ago on 26/11/2009. Still nothing have happened, I'm calling them requesting callback with some explanations,I don't receive them or they are calling at some other time than agreed (I'm back to work now so I can't answer the phone anytime I want). For the last three days I'm calling them,informing that again and again I'm not receiving callback,today they have ignored me again.
Me and my family, we are living in a lot of stress because of that. We have overdue bills, my partner she's got sick because of that nerves she is going through, I have massive bills due to calls to Jobcentre, our family is suffering. Why Jobcentre is ingnoring all of that, why their employees can't do their job so vital for society in the UK?
I have been always working legal, paying my taxes,trying to have normal life here with my family.
UPDATE from today : I've just been called by Jobcentre Handsworth BDC and I just can't believe what I was told. They don't know about my appeal, they've been asking me how do I know and why it was sent to Wolverhampton appeals team when I have orinally sent it to Handsworth Bdc. They've been telling me some information about employment details as a reason of disalowance but these were the details of other person with same surname who made claim and jobcentre sent me his originall paperwork like p45 and home office papers by mistake. When I have said it's not my details and they are doing mistake even now on a phone, I was told not be angry but how can you not be when I'm waiting for that money from claim date 20/07/2009 and they are still doing silly mistakes. That lady said she will investigate it but I'm not sure that it will be done correct this time even.
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Re: Problem with Jobcentre

Postby RagDoll » Tue Dec 15, 2009 4:25 pm

There isn't really any advice I can offer I'm afraid, just wanted to say I'm sorry you're having so many issues, it sounds like a nightmare. I think the best you can do is persevere with the Job Centre and most importantly, look for another job. That way, you won't have to deal with these idiots!
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Re: Problem with Jobcentre

Postby Bel Bel » Tue Dec 15, 2009 4:53 pm

Citizens advice may be able to offer you some practical advice.
I am afraid I do not know what to suggest
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Re: Problem with Jobcentre

Postby jen » Tue Dec 15, 2009 4:56 pm


Sorry i can't be of much help except i agree with ragdoll in that you should continue with the job centre. Maybe even go to citizens advice and see if there's anything that they can do to help. Also i do know that if you are entitled to JSA and they have witheld it, they have to backdate if not some, then all of it. They may not backdate all of it though because it's a good few months ago that you stopped working but if you are entitled to it, you will get some of it back. I think it gets backdated to when you first claim for it.

I do agree with ragdoll that it would be best to find something else as soon as possible so that you don't need to deal with them anymore.

Good Luck
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Re: Problem with Jobcentre

Postby snail » Tue Dec 15, 2009 8:27 pm

Xao has found another job, guys
xao wrote:they are calling at some other time than agreed (I'm back to work now so I can't answer the phone anytime I want).

I think it's the money from when he was unemployed that he needs, as he has bills from that time that he couldn't pay.

In case you haven't heard of Citizen's Advice, Xao, it's an organisation which provides free advice about legal and financial problems like this. They have local branches, or in rural areas, mobile advisers. Find them here:
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