Am over reacting or do i have a right to be angry.

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Am over reacting or do i have a right to be angry.

Postby saramidnite » Tue Jan 05, 2010 10:56 pm

I got a xmas job. It didnt go to well to begin with. It was a temp job. But i change sections where there was a permant job avable. I was told i could aply. I did all the training. There only two people in the section thou. Me and my supervisor. She was never in to watch me work. I end up doing her job as wel as mind. She book most of the last two weeks of or phone in sick after i see and she fine. I did get stressed that i was doing every thing when i ment to recieve help. I started 15min earlier and fin late with out getting paid for it and went with out my breaks due to the amount of i had so i had an extra bit of time to work my stock. It was my choice thou. My trainner said my supervisor was lazy and i work harder then her. She didnt turn up 2 do my review with me. She knew the week before she wouldnt be in the same days as me before i leave to do it. I didnt know that. I then got told they have to many permant staff and must spread them about so i may not stay on.
I get told they not sure. A section manger told me i did a good job reply in easter. They didnt bother to inform me i wasnt staying after making me wait 2weeks. They only tell if u are staying. I feel terrible. I did so much for them for nothing. I should of at least had my review. I get angry every time i see the supermarkets adverts.
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Re: Am over reacting or do i have a right to be angry.

Postby ToriL87 » Wed Jan 06, 2010 1:48 am

I donn't think this is fair at all, especially since you weren't given a review. However i'm not sure what the legalities are, were you on a temporary contract? or had you signed a permanent contract for staying on?
i definately think you have a right to be angry, and feel mistreated, as you put in a lot of work and weren't given a fair chance.

If you wanted to pursue the matter i think you could probably report your supervisor for unfair treatment (also the fact that they aren't doing their job properly) ... t_work.htm this website shows you all your basic rights, however i'm not sure what your temporary contract will state, and if you were on a trial or not gaurenteed permanent work, then you may not have any rights to contest this.
I think you should make a note of all that happened, incuding anything that was said by your supervisor, about them etc. including dates, then take this and any documents (like temporary contract, or any form of contact from work) to the citizens advice bureau, they will be able to give you advice on whether you could persue the matter.
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