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Stupid supervisors

Posted: Thu Feb 18, 2010 2:07 am
by JGRD146
I work for a well known store selling various products ranging from food, health and even homeware items. On saturday the management received an email asking all staff to wear fluffy pink girls devil horns including the men. They were so girly that us boys all refused to wear them and went to the manager who sed we cud take em off and we did then they went funny with us all day (me mostly). Im not rude in anyway but felt really uncomfortable but the female supervisor said that she was annoyed at me and some of the boys and we were being childish.

Ok i know it is a bit childish but friends, family and other people u see around come in and when they see the stupid girls horns on your head the first thing they would do is tease. Anyways at the end of the day they impolitely asked me to stay after my hours and nt get paid to fill all the crisps which i did except for hula hoops which werent in the back so i then went home.

Went in on the sunday (next day) and he exploded on me screaming that i didnt do the job correctly and I dont respect them coz i didnt listen to them about the horns the previous day. I really wanted to punch him at that moment because i mean hes only 19 and a supervisor while im older and being spoken to like a flaming child. I avoided him pretty much of the day still fuming from that moment.

The reason i was fuming was because 1 of the four supervisors (my friend) told me the other three (including the one who had a go at me) were all up in the office saying that they thought i was gay and basically slagged me off behind my back. I didnt confront em as i dont want my supervisor friend Barry to get into trouble. Its just i feel like im the one who is getting disrespected not the other way around and since the manager is new, its obvious shell side with her supervisors coz she only talks to them.


Re: Stupid supervisors

Posted: Thu Feb 18, 2010 11:06 am
by rufio89
Sorry Jason, but I'm inclined to agree with whoever said you were bing childish, I don't see the big deal, and think to be honest if any of my male friends were in the same situation i'd think far worse of them for refusing and kicking up a fuss than for accepting it as a joke.

As for your supervisor - you're 21, that's not much older than 19, and while he behaved unreasonably, there's very little you can do except grin and bear it, unless you want to get another job.

Sorry I can't be more sympathetic, I hope the work situation improves for you.