Feeling uncomfortable at work.

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Feeling uncomfortable at work.

Post by JennaXXX » Sat Feb 20, 2010 9:18 am

Because of my boss really. :-?
We are both educated to the same level, went to the same place of education and are the same age. He is now my boss and although I supervise my own area of the department, I am not considered at the same level as him.
He is a strange guy as one moment he seems to be really intent on chatting to me. He will come up and spend ages asking me about things, but this is what makes me feel uncomfortable. He often asks me what I think of other colleagues and he will tell me how awful he thinks they are/how he should fire them etc. It is difficult as although I am not *friends* with any of my colleagues, It is still a horrible situation to be in and I feel uncomfortable about giving my opinion to him. He chats to me as though I am a friend and I feel like our working relationship is blurred. There are also times when he comes in when I am working and gets me to help him with stuff which is fine but it gets people gossiping and now people are wondering why he is spending so much time with me.On the other hand, there are days when he will just ignore me and spend loads of time around the colleagues that he claims to not stand. It feels like he doesn't want to be near me and it makes me paranoid that he is just playing us all off against each other.
It's difficult as he has done a lot to help and support me but at the same time, I don't trust him. If he is talking about my colleagues to me then I am not stupid enough to think he doesn't do the same when it comes to me. I annoy myself as I think that would really upset me. :( I am worried as to the depths of my feelings as I feel a connection with him. I doubt he feels the same way although he does always want to chat and obviously trusts and confides in me a lot. :-? I think the main problem for me is that he is the only one who has sat down with me and asked me how I am feeling about things. I feel like I can be myself with him and it means a lot that I can just offload and vent. It is obvious he can do the same with me but I don't think it is ethical or right somehow.
What should I do?
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Re: Feeling uncomfortable at work.

Post by moominrachy » Tue May 31, 2011 12:34 pm

The only thing i can say is watch your back. This is from personal experience. He sounds like a woman who I used to work with who played people off each other. Keep yourself to yourself, keep your own council and keep yourself right. DON'T engage in any gossip, don't let him in to any problems. He will probably use what you say against him.

This is your job, you need to put yourself first. It sounds stupid but don't let anyone sniff out any weakness.

It sounds harsh but honestly I speak from experience (I ended up resigning).

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