Should i say something....

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Should i say something....

Postby Frankie_May » Mon Mar 29, 2010 10:17 am

... My boyfriend works for a big supermarket full time. He started in 2006 as a shop floor assistant and recently got promoted to Team Leader of Produce department, he is very good at what he does and very commited (hes always on time, always finished his jobs and hes never had a day off sick) Not so long ago he passed a course to start the process of becoming a department manager... The department manager got offered a managing job in Ireland not so long ago so now my boyfriend has to be 'acting manager' which means he basically has to manager but doesn't get they pay!!!!! (how rubbish) Anyway, the thing is he can't have a life while doing this job... he has no set hours so we cant make any plans to do anything incase he has to work, he cant even plan a doctors visit as he doesnt know what hours he will be working. They do give him a sheet of what hours he should be working but they never seem to stick to it, so some days he gets called 3 hours before hes due to start asking him to start NOW instead, i can tell he gets really frustrated by this. He puts a lot of effort into his job but only ever gets treated badly in return, he never gets any praise. He has to book ALL HOLIDAYS A YEAR IN ADVANCE yet he always seems to get phone calls on his day off asking him to come in becasue someone is on holiday?! I get really worked up over his job because its like he is always picking it over me!!! i know how stupid that sounds because everyone has to work but surly he has some rights to sometimes say 'no i cant do this its to short notice' and im also a big believer in work to live dont live to work. I have a good job as an accountant so im not a dosser or anything lol.
Guarenteed 2 or 3 days out of his 5 day working week he will get a call to say swap your days off or swap this shift.
I know he gets annoyed by this but he feels he cant say no. Im tempted to write to his manager and let him know how he feels about it all... what do you think?
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Re: Should i say something....

Postby ILoveChristmas » Mon Mar 29, 2010 10:48 am

Hi there,

In my experience this kind of thing goes with the territory. I do think your partner's current store manager is taking it a little too far though. Have you considered contacting the supermarket's head office and asking what their official policy is on department managers/supervisors working times? I think it's likely that this is a store mis-management thing and not a company policy.

The problem with supermarkets in general though is that their staff turnover is massive. You only really start to develop some kind of job stability when you get to department supervisor level. Until that point you're in a cattle market. What i'm trying to say really is that he can't complain too much because there are no end of people who could fill his shoes.

How long does the training take? Maybe once he does become department manager he'll be in a position to control his own hours a little better. I know that was the case with Safeway/Morrisons when I was there, although even then they always worked overtime.

I only have experience with Safeway and Morrisons, but not long after I left a lot of people jumped ship to Tesco, who apparently treat their staff better. It may be that your partner needs to suck it up for the time being, get his qualification out of them and then move employer.

I'm not sure that's been any help, but good luck.
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