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work problem

Post by fussypuss » Mon Oct 17, 2011 10:29 pm

just wondered if anyone has any advice they could give me about a work problem?

I started a new job a few months ago, which I was really excited about as it sounded like a great opportunity. However, things turned sour very quickly...

When I first joined I was told that I would have two managers, one of which (B) was the manager of the other one (A). B was a higher level manager, with A being my 'day to day' manager. Within a week of starting the job, A told me that he hadn't wanted my position to be created within the company and that he wanted another administrator or salesperson. I was a bit taken back by this, but tried to show him advantages of me being around and doing various jobs for him, always trying to be polite and friendly.

He was actually out of the office for at least a third of the time that I was there....he said that I should learn about quoting etc and answering sales queries, but less than 1 hour's training was given as there was no space in the office and the girls were too busy. Anyway the weeks went on and his comments became more cutting and sarcastic, and being very obstructive when it came to work, he would send work back to me telling me it was wrong, but giving no indication of reason, complaining about emails being sent out after he had supposedly checked them. A few weeks ago he said that he was absolving himself of all responsibility of me and that he didn't want to work with me. At this point, his comments were really wearing and I suggested bringing in his boss to discuss it.

His boss (B) came in and the matter was discussed, with the agreement that I should work soley for B but that I would have to move to another site, almost doubling my work mileage and travelling time. I wasn't overly happy about this but agreed to it. In between that point and me moving sites, he was sarcastic and used every opportunity possible to have a dig, and displaying childish behavour like pretending not to hear me when I spoke to him etc.

I thought that when I moved, things would sort themselves out. The atmosphere is better, however I have now noticed that A is now visiting my new site on a more regular basis than he did before, playing the 'I'm such a friendly person' card, and having cosy little chats behind doors with the managers here, but walks straight me like I do not exist. Unfortunately I still have to have some contact with him, generally via email but whenever I do, his very quick responses are always really sarcastic and dripping with venom. He even cc's them to his boss! He dislikes and has no respect for his boss, in case you hadn't guessed! Colleagues have told me that this isn't the first time he's done this, anyone he dislikes or doesn't fit with his plans gets this treatment.

I'm trying not to retaliate and keep all contact civil and courteous - however the whole situation has got me down so much that I am constantly headachy and have stomach cramps, and am now looking for another job. I am so disappointed by this, I was so looking forward to this job and feel badly let down - if it wasn't for my bills etc I would have walked ages ago. I also feel embarrassed and a failure - I can't even go back to my old job as my friend now has that job (and there's another story there, another time maybe) other half says I should stick it out, but I am so unhappy! I have to admit I am tempted to take the matter to HR but they are quite remote (based on another site miles away) and also feel like I'll be labelled as a trouble maker as I've only been there 3 months, but it has been the longest 3 months of my life. Help!!!!

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Re: work problem

Post by Bel Bel » Tue Oct 18, 2011 12:21 pm

I would suggest another chat with your boss. He sees the e mails and can see the problems it is causing. Tell him it is starting to make you ill. Point oput you think you could be a really valuable member of the team but his constant scathig, ignoring and rudeness are a problem
I agree you should continue to look for another job in the meantime.
If things don't get resolved then take it to HR
For now start a diary of all events that occur and also put emails into the diary as evidence
This way if it all gets too much then you have evidence to take to a tribunal for bullying
If you have anything to explain why you moved depots keep this too it will be very compelling evidence
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