Too much work and it's driving me mad

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Too much work and it's driving me mad

Post by lowopinionated » Tue May 29, 2012 9:50 pm

I had enough today - lately my department has been really busy and I mean too damn busy and I now 8 different types of work for them. I recently have had to take over one type of work I can't stand which is very busy and messy and was glad to see the back of last October when a colleague came back from sick leave and took it over. Trouble is she left and changed jobs last month and it was given back to me - also what tipped me over the edge today was a piece of undone work reared its ugly head today which I though had been finished off. I won't go into all the details but possibly I was waiting for stuff that didn't turn up and forgot about it when I came off that work for 6 months and my colleague may never had know about it and it wasn't done.

It's not the end of the world but that piece of work is an example of why I don't like doing that type of work. I can't get anyone else to do it because the department is chock full of new people/casuals who haven't been trained on it - but the managers said the other people should be trained on it ASAP - but guess who's got to do the stinkin training!! Yes me!

For goodness sake I've already told them I have got Aspergers syndrome and can't take too much on all at once - they don't seem to understand despite me explaining this to them! Also because I've been in the Department a good while they think I'm one of the experienced people and think I should be doing better and that I put myself down too much and haven't got enough confidence etc. I may have been given compliments in my report etc but they don't mean **** to me frankly!! All that is, is an excuse to load you up with more stinking work! I am not lazy and always do my best but I'm not stressing myself out to get Brownie Points!!

On top of that my supervisor keeps pushing me to do optional overtime to get one job sorted out (a clearout in the store room) but says we have too much work on during the week to do it, so we'd have to do it Saturdays - I feel like shouting "Bog Off"! I'd rather have both days on the weekend off to rest not get stressed out even more and the extra pay's not much more!!

If I have a right old moan I'd probably get into trouble and if it was easy to find another job at the moment I'd start looking, but it's horrendous out there and I'd find it more difficult.

Every flaming morning I come in to find humpteen emails wanting this that and the other and some of the querys take time to do - they have a flaming cheek sometimes.

This culture at the moment about workin hard, doing all these extra jobs just for possibly promotion, I just think is a load of hogwash - not everyone can cope!!

Something's going to have to be said to the bosses, as this is getting stupid, I'm fed up of wet nursing everybody - I'm not a supervisor!
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Re: Too much work and it's driving me mad

Post by Ticktock » Wed May 30, 2012 6:26 am

We are all working under a bit of a culture of fear of losing our jobs at the moment, and unfortunately the one's at the bottom tend to catch it worse.

As you have identified moaning about it will probably get you nowhere and your big disadvantage is that you are a good worker and want to do things properly. In these situations the best you can do is to do what can be done and look after yourself.

Play to your strengths and prioritise things, structure your week so you aren't multitasking.

For example, be honest with yourself how many of those emails are colleagues dumping on you because they are overloaded, would it be the end of the world if you didn't deal with them till after midday? You will probably also find an inbuilt delay will deal with a lot of the more shameless timewasters.

The training is obviously a priority so list the jobs that need training and put a morning or afternoon aside to train one or two people on each job with you mentoring afterwards.

As each job to do comes up then write it down and prioritise it, and cross it though when it is done.

You won't get everything done and by the sound of it that may be impossible but you may slowly be able to turn the tide.

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