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need a new job but cant get one

PostPosted: Thu Feb 06, 2014 2:55 am
by saramidnite
i have been bullied at work for a while now. by my supervisor. my doc signed me off work due to stress at work. i got really ill so i had no choice but to take the time off. i am dreading going back at the end of the month incase it starts all over again or get worest. i am looking for a new job but live in the middle of know where so i need to get a lift till i learn to drive to get into the local village or town which is really small. all the jobs are mainly nurse jobs. or jobs i could do but dont have the qualification they looking for or experience. i cant afford to quit my job. so im stuck. as we cant move home due family commitements. i am at my wits end. im online daily and reading papers for work.
have any of you been off work due to bullying and how did you cope going back.

Re: need a new job but cant get one

PostPosted: Fri Feb 07, 2014 4:01 pm
by ILoveChristmas
I haven't been bullied in the workplace but I can imagine how awful it could be. I also understand that you need a job and so you probably don't have any choice other than to return for the moment, but all you can do is continue to look at job websites and local newspapers. I would also visit your nearest job centre and register yourself there. Whilst there you can talk to the staff and get their advice on your situation.

You could also consider working from home. I'm not sure what opportunities exist for that but I'm sure they're available and may be worth a little digging on the internet.

My advice when it comes to actually going back is to keep your head down and concentrate. Make sure you do your job exactly as you're meant to do it. Provided you do that there can be no complaint about your work and no justification, even in the minds of your bullies, for bullying you further.

If I were being bullied at work here's what I'd do:

I'd keep a notebook in my pocket or in my locker and I'd make sure I noted, with the exact date and time, what happened, what was said and who was involved.

I'd raise the issue with my boss after the bullying incidents had been going on for a day or two and I'd make it clear that I was noting the series of events that take place. The reason? Your boss needs to be given the opportunity to remedy the situation, and they need to know you're serious about resolving it.

If, after an informal talk, your boss still hasn't resolved the situation, or at least if there isn't noticeable progress in resolving it, I'd write a formal letter of complaint to your boss and I'd send a copy of it to the HR department of the head office (if there is one).

If after all that the situation still wasn't resolved I would hand my boss a letter of resignation, in which I would state my intent to sue for constructive dismissal. I would also use the letter to remind them of the evidence you've been collecting along the way and of their failure to resolve the situation satisfactorily. With that I would walk out and see them in court.

Whether you follow any of this advice saramidnite is entirely up to you, but there is simply no point in doing nothing. You must either go back and make of it what you can, or you need to leave now and sign on while you find something else.

Re: need a new job but cant get one

PostPosted: Fri Feb 21, 2014 12:40 am
by saramidnite
thank you for the advice. the doc told me not to go back yet but im not sure my sick enf next werk. i debating what to do. i see the doctor tomorrow. he told me see him as he up my anti depressant meds last week.