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Work misunderstanding

Posted: Wed Sep 14, 2016 11:14 pm
by Serenlas
I hope someone can help. I recently started a new job, 7 days ago in fact and I am really happy and excited about it, it is quite a senior role in a great organisation. I have always worked hard in my career and have gathered good references over the years. My last role however was very challenging, it was a role where nasty behaviour was not only tolerated but encouraged by the more senior members of the team, my role dealing with people was the in-between and I have felt quite battered and bruised after finally leaving. Anyway in my new role, the environment seems pretty positive (anything would be an improvement on the last place) I had a meeting with a colleague today to handover some 'casework' and the girl exclaims, 'oh your there' I felt a bit confused by what she meant but didn't say anything, anyway she went through the casework and I left the meeting and couldn't then stop wandering if I was actually on the casework list, I have only been in the organisation 7 days so didn't think I would be encountering any problems. Anyway I emailed my manager to check, which I really regret doing, as then my manager clarified that I was certainly not on the casework list and went to see the girl, she then came back saying said employee had no recollection of saying my name and that I was paranoid, said employee did then back track and say she did say what I had remembered. Anyway all very awkward and I have to see the girl tomorrow. I intend to just laugh if of, and just get on with my job, but I am now worried if my new colleagues are going to think I am paranoid or odd, how do I overcome this? any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, I have an important role and I have to engage in positive ways, it does seem however it was just one big misunderstanding.