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Too busy to spend any time with me...

PostPosted: Thu Apr 10, 2003 3:17 pm
by TwistyWizard
I'm reaching the end of my rope. I have a best friend, and I have seen her twice, in the last year, outside of school. She is ALWAYS working, she does four A-levels, music, and horse riding, and never seems to want to be with me. I'm always offering to see her, even if it's for just an afternoon or an hour or something, but she always has an excuse. I don't know what to do, I'm really upset about it. It isn't just because we've got AS exams coming up next month either, she's been like this for ages. It isn't fair but I don't want to lose her over it.


PostPosted: Thu Apr 10, 2003 6:38 pm
by X_Smiler_X
Hey. I think you should (if you can) Grab hold of this girl. telling her she has to make time to see you. Ask her why all of a sudden she has no time for you, if it's something you have done, or if she REALLY is that busy.
If you and her are best friends, I doubt it very much she is making it up. At her time in life, it is a busy stage, but then again you should make time for a social life as well as a working life - tell her this.
Hope all goes well hun :)

PostPosted: Thu Apr 10, 2003 7:40 pm
by TwistyWizard
im not sure, she's the sort to end up feeling really guilty about that. she already feels bad, and i dont wanna make it worse.

if i just sort of go up to her and tell her that i want to see her, she would very likely take it horribly badly, get very upset, and tell me that shes not worth my effort. she obviously is, but i just wish i could get it through.