Losing friends 4 boyfriends

Maybe you have fallen out with your mate, or perhaps you are about to betray them - whatever it is, talk about it here.
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Losing friends 4 boyfriends

Postby frances » Sun Aug 05, 2007 12:35 am

Well im having major problems. Im a real caring nice person and i used 2 b quite shy so i always had a small group of close friends, every1 started settling down so it was 1 then left. I am an extremely good friend, probably 2 good. wud always turn nites in wit ex bfs 2 head out wit my single mates.She was a mate in a million but she also started settling down. I am very attractive and intelligent (not braggin but i know deep down i am ) and her bf's friends all took an interest in me and over 3 years i've had a special bond with each and slept with the 5. I know it sounds bad, it got real complicated, started goin steady wit 1 but i reckon the boyz were windin him up and he finished it, just started ignorin me which i was very hurt at.

So recently i lost him and then my mate wudnt head out so i had noone 2 head out with, and if we did we sat on our own talkin 2 no 1. Im a very social person and am missing headin out and feelin the pressure 2 settle down now. I fell out wit her as she wont go out as i said she shud b a mate 2 me like i was 2 her wen she was single, she hasnt called so i know shes not a true mate but it hurts and id rather hav no mates than hav a mate like that,aways out 4 no.1. maybe shes jealous of me and my career who knows.

Boys wont b my friend. If i wont kiss them they take offense and wont b my friend, and if i do they dont want 2 go steady. Im so confused at the minute on wot 2 do its gettin me down,dont know wot im doin wrong

hav started a new job and hav the opportunity 2 meet loads of ppl and movin 2 a new department so i know i will make new friends hopefully. i am very carreer motivated and am hapi at the way its goin but my social life has 2 improve

im embarrassed as i gonna start bein called a loner...

n e advice :-)
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