Tired of her!!!

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Tired of her!!!

Postby violet » Sat Apr 19, 2008 12:25 pm


sorry, maybe i should just tell you want i think >.< anyway here goes...By the way i may need some advice on this =/

ok... i have this friend who is totally in love with her boyfriend lets call her A and my other friend B and me are really close, so today A text massage B to ask her for a lift but B's mom didnt want to... so A text B back saying something that really hurt B. So they went on text "yelling" at each other then A said this

" i did asked you but as usual you were paying attention to ME"

we dont really talk to her about personal things because all of a sudden she will bring up her boyfriend... lets say we were talking about running then A will go like " oh! he bla bla bla" thats why we dont even bother listening to her because she tells us things about him over and over and over again! i cant talk to her about anything because she acts like she doesnt care!! so i talk to B about my problems and then she called me a cow!! WHAT??!!!! i didnt to anything to her she says that ME and B dont give her any attention?! we do!!! she just want so much!!! i think she wants the attention her boyfriend gives her. we cant do that!!! we have our own lives too. And she wants us to tell her everything but she doesnt tell us ANYTHING!!! What does she want from us! i got problems of my own.. and she called me a cow for no reason and she is so heartless... i dont even want to talk to her anymore!!! i dont think she even care about me.. i do care for her i guess... oh i dont know!!! any advice?


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Postby miaow » Sat Apr 19, 2008 5:28 pm

been here myself.....i would not make contact with her, and if she texts you or rings ignore it...eventually she will ask the question 'what is wrong?' and you can say 'look, you called me a witch...etc' and just calmly tell her you've had enough of the way she is being - she isnt being your friend but expects you and B to be hers.

If she apologies and says she will try to change then give her another chance, we have all been with lads and been so infatuated with them we neglect friends - its all part of growing up. MAybe she just hasnt realised how she is acting - so point it out. But let her bring it up and make the first move so she knows your serious and you wont be treated like this!!

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