my friend has side lined me

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my friend has side lined me

Postby gertrude » Wed Jul 09, 2008 10:57 pm

Up until a year ago I would say this friend and I were very close but then things have gradually changed and I feel isolated and extremely sad that we appear to be drifting apart. It appears to have coincided with my friend becoming close to another individual who picks up at school. (I knew this other individual because our children were best friends at school.)

One year ago I would have described my friend as one of my closest. I supported her through alot of trauma, including depression and a failed marriage. We met up outside of school with and without the children and seemed to really enjoy each others company. I would regularly be asked to pick her daughter up at short notice if she was running late from work. However since last year she has become more distant and has formed a close friendship with another mum at school. I don't mind this at all but i feel totally side-lined. I used to pick her daughter up if she was runninng late but now don't bother taking my moblile to school as I know I won't be contacted and this other Mum will automatically be asked to pick her up instead. I am never invited for coffee after school anymore and my daughter is never asked to come and play anymore. Yet the other Mum's child is now asked over constantly for sleepovers, play dates and invited to come out generally. Recently my daughter and her best friend have fallen out which has just made the situation worse.

i feel totally betrayed by my so called friend and desperatley unhappy because I actually don't know what I have done to desevere being side lined so much. I have tried to hint to my friend that we are not spending that much time together but just don't have the courage to say how unhappy I am feeling as I'm worried she will just think I am being over sensitive or pathetic.

I don't know what to do and really need to hear other peoples views about the situation. :(
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Postby Bel Bel » Thu Jul 10, 2008 10:28 am

why don't you ask her round for coffee at yours
Once then you can bring up the subject in a way like " we don't do this as much as we used to and I really miss you" and take it fom there
The girls will probably make up again because kids are always falling out
If she makes excuses for not coming round I think you'll have to ask her straight out whats changed in your relationship
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