worried for my friend

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worried for my friend

Postby dandedoodles » Mon Dec 08, 2008 2:03 pm

Hiya everyone I'm really posting this about my friend as I'm really worried about her (sorry this is long)

Anyway basically she has the opertunity to go bk out with the father of her daughter he split with his gf to get bk with her, and everyone she nows loves him, he does everthing for her gives her money when hes got it, does her house up, basically thinks the world of her,

they have known each other for 6 years but keep spliting up, this time they have been apart for 9 months,

when he was with his gf she was always txting and ringing him, its like she doesnt want him but doesnt want anyone else to have him either,

And the other problam is she keeps going bk to her bf i'll call sid, sid doesnt treat her right not in a horrible way but just seems strange sometimes, but she does really lv sid but then she loves her ex the childs father at the same time she says if she could split them she would,

But now shes treating the childs father horrible again, hes just started to join dating websites and is getting loads of feedback, and since hes told her shes gone all funny on him again,

im now beging to think she tried her hardist to split him and this girl up, and when it happend she changed towards him again, and im begining to think she doesnt want him but cant have anyone else with him,

the childs father told me the other week that,he got a txt from her saying when we get together how soon do u want a baby, now im also beging to think she doesnt want to go to work and is only after his money aswell as since the child starts school nxt yr she will have to start working,and doesnt want to do work again,

its now come to the point where the childs dad has told her she can do what she wants and to get bk with sid, hes even told that to her mother, who hates sid aswell, i think hes giving up on her, and hes not going to take much stick from her anymore, and nxt yr he said he wont be giving her money to help with the house anymore just the child,

How can i talk to my friend about this?
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Re: worried for my friend

Postby miaow » Mon Dec 08, 2008 10:02 pm

I'm not sure she'd listen? If you are right in what you say - she is only after him for another child so she doesnt have to work - then I personally think it is disgusting. If I found out my mother only had me because she didnt want to work I'd be mortified to say the least.
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Re: worried for my friend

Postby Tyro » Tue Dec 09, 2008 4:50 pm

The father of the child seems to have his head screwed on pretty tight. I think he knows what she’s doing and he won’t let it ruin his life.
You will have to be very careful about what you say to her so you don’t insult her. Ask what her plans for the future are, and who she’s planning on being with.
Talk to the father of the child about it. I’m sure he knows her pretty well and can offer some advice on the matter. But like miaow said she may not listen.

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