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Friend threatening to move

PostPosted: Wed Dec 31, 2008 9:06 pm
by dex
Ok, this guy that I'm in college with came over to the UK (from spain) to live with his Dad and get an education. We've formed a little group of friends since starting college this year and he is the one who holds us all together. There's something about him that you cant help but like. We've all told him things that no one else knows about us. I dont know what it is! I got more attached to him than the others, though.

Being the only girl in our class, I have had a lot of attention from the guys in my class. I turned to this guy, though and he liked me in that way too and we actually got together, wearily because we knew that we were good as friends and didnt want to ruin that.

We're on a music course at college so we had to start a band and surprise, he's the drummer of mine. The four of us work really well as a band and we got our work done faster than everyone else so our tutor gave us the opportunity of representing the whole music department in the performing arts winter showcase. It was a two night gig and to celibrate, the four of us went to this guys house and had a few drinks. We did these two gigs and we did really well.

The other decided they wanted to take this band outside college. So I got us a gig at my local band night where I'm getting quite a name for myself as a performer.

Just when things seem peachy, this guy splits up with me via text message. I was devastated but I agreed with him... we were better as friends. Although I then got home and our lead singer told me that this guy's Dad is kicking him out in a month and that his only options are to quite college and get a full time job or go back to Spain. I'm wondering if thats part of why he split up with me.

But none of us want to lose him and our gig is in two months.

I dont expect advice because I dont know what I can do about it to be honest but if anyone knows a way of keeping him in the country and keep him in college then please let me know.



PostPosted: Thu Jan 01, 2009 6:32 pm
by morris mouse

This is a rather difficult situation to solve (as you've mentioned in your post) & as a result of this,it's better to
review it day by day.......

Re your friend from Spain. Try & see if he can tell you exactly why he as fallen out with his father (when you
know the details,you can then help him make arrangements for his future,based on the answer that he gives
you ie being homeless & needing to stay in a council/friends house)

As for college,he would be best talking to one of his tutors. Also,please make sure that his passport is ok re Spain :)

Re: Friend threatening to move

PostPosted: Fri Jan 02, 2009 11:04 am
by Bel Bel
he hasn't actually told you this himself so maybe that is why he split but unless you are prepared to go to him and ask some questions you can't be sure that what you know is even true

Re: Friend threatening to move

PostPosted: Fri Jan 02, 2009 7:04 pm
by dex
thanks for replying.

His Dad has thretenned to kick him out before so I dont know, I dont think my friend would lie about it. I know that he's scared of his Dad, I don't know why. I guess he's just unwanted, poor lad (his parents arent together, his Mum is still in Spain with his brother and sister and his Dad has a new marriage and a son). I feel sorry for how complicated his life is.

I'm going to talk to him at college on Monday (if he comes in) and try and get him to speak to student finance. I'm wondering if they'll have some sort of student accomadation for him.

I just don't want to lose him. Even if it is just as a friend. :/