Am I in love with someone I shouldn`t be in love with?

Maybe you have fallen out with your mate, or perhaps you are about to betray them - whatever it is, talk about it here.
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Postby goldenrod » Wed Mar 24, 2004 11:08 am

Hi to all contributors to this posting,especially of course to Discogreat.
I have come very late to the forum,but have read the entire thread with a ghastly sense of deja vu.
Yes, I was exactly like poor discogreats tormentor !
I don't know whether your situation is still ongoing but for what its worth,here's my fix on the situation.
1) Deeply closeted,imature gay guy meets friendly attractive workmate (also deeply closeted gay)
2)younger "falls in love" with new friend at work.
3) Older and wiser discogreat sees where this infatuation could lead,in respect of public perception of there relationship......"dirty perv,he's old enough to be his father etc"
4) Discogreat applies breaks,slowly
5)imature closet gay,who is fast developing mental health problems because of his own denial,hits back in the time honoured tradition by ignoring,bad mouthing,and all the usual attention seeking devices.Well its all a game isn't it? This could run and run, he hopes.
6)Fuel is added to the flames by Discogreats refusal to completely detach himself from the situation by still feeling sorry for him.

Now it seems to me that NO ONE would put up with this behaviour over such a long period of time,Saint or not!
SO...... could it be that this is not the one sided scenario that is always portrayed? could it be,Discogreat,that deep down you're a little bit flattered by this infatuation?
If I'm way off beam,I apologise unreservedly,to ALL concerned.But I have experience of behaving as an imature closet gay,and my behaviour was very similar.Why?...... well thats another story altogether !!
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Postby jasperlens » Wed Mar 24, 2004 8:42 pm

Hi Goldenrod,
I think you`ve hit on something that may be close to the truth. Maybe you should share your story for discogreat. I have to agree with you from discogreats posts that he (discogreat) is...

`a little bit flattered by this infatuation`

It must have taken alot of courage for you to face up to your problem.
I hope `discogreat` isn`t offended when he sees your post.
Take care
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Postby discogreat » Fri Apr 09, 2004 1:57 pm

Hello again,
I haven`t looked on the site for a while so I`m sorry to take so long to reply, Goldenrod and jasperlens.
To be really honest I`m not flattered by the way he is behaving, nor am I a "deeply closeted gay"
He has on several recent occassions nodded and smiled at me, I have just ignored him , not to be nasty but I really don`t want anything to do with him. He has got to the stage where he is writing remarks about the other shifts in books, he`s altering machines so that they will run badly, and his behaviour is becoming even more strange and weird.
I find it really difficult to `walk away` from it, other people see this behaviour too, it`s not just me.
If you read this Goldenrod please reply and tell me what you think is happening.
Happy Easter to all
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