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Uutt-Ohhhhh :(

Posted: Mon May 18, 2009 10:09 pm
by Zootzey
I'm a terrible worrier. I find it really ahrd to trust people and i have no idear why, it sucks because it means i only let my guard down around certain people, and even then it takes me a long time to trust them fully. I'm always afraid that i'm going to offend someone and there gonna be upset with me or get people on me or something, and i know i'll be sooo scared and guilty if that happends :S i'm sooooo sick of feeling like this! PLEASE HELP!!!!!!! ](*,) I just want to realax, have a good time and be myself with out offending people - not that i ever do anyway! :) My firends are lovely and wonderfull and i haven't ever fallen out with any one them (well one persons once i think....) but i can't help feeling like this.
Any help would be gradley appreseated! Thanks a billion =)