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i spilled the beans

PostPosted: Wed May 20, 2009 12:14 pm
by babydee86
my best friend (more or less my only real friend) started a relationship with a work friend who she moved in with for cheap rent purposes.
she fell head over heals in love with him and after a few months they said the L word, however another couple of months down the line he told her he cared about her but was not 'in love'
they had to continue to live together.... she was heartbroken but held it together quite well. after about a week tho they started things back up
one night ( a really drunken night) me and boyfriend (who i am no longer with) went round it started as a great nite all 4 of us had such a laugh, but it soon turned sour.
my best mate and her man started a HUGE arguement it was blazing....she went upstairs crying but begged me to stay downstairs ''talk some sence into her man'' so my boyfriend offered to go up and comfort her as i really wanted to make sure she was ok ''sod her man!!'' but like i say she begged me to talk to him.
i was trying to calm the situation down when he basically told me ''im only with her to spend time with you'' he kept saying '' u know me and u would be good together'' blah blah.
so i said i will tell her u know!!! but he promptly said '' no no please don't blah'' i can't remember all the conversation as i was rather drunk.
when she came back down i did't even get a chance because the massive arguement just started was so bad it nearly got physical.
the next morning i told my mum because i didn't know what to do?? run the risk of him dening it or worse saying it was me?? or tell her and break her heart?? i felt sick.
mum said not to tell her as it was a crazy night and he was very drunk, probably wanted to hurt her etc..... but if it EVER happened again then tell all.
so i didn't tell.....
but i must say i never really hung round with them together again after that and made it VERY clear that i didn't like him
8 months ago he broke up with her again... took her to a wedding then told her on they way home ''i care alot for u but will never love u so lets call it a day''
her world was crushed they moved out of thier flat but he continued to flirt with her at work and she was his 'booty call' she is so in love with him that any closeness is good for her.
but she has not moved on... still loved up although she agrees he is a hat!!
she has stopped sleeping with him now (about 1/2months ago)
well last nite in the pub i got a silly kinda level of drunk (she was only tipsy) and for some stupid reason i told her about that night
only i didn't tell her everything he said....... but she got the jist of it. i explained why i didn't tell and that i was soooo sorry for letting her down etc....
she told me not to be silly that she loved me its cool... even had a txt this morning saying ''see told u i would speak to u again!''
but i feel like nothings gonna be the same again i feel like i have ruined our friendship, that she will never trust me again etc...
and im scared that when she confronts (which she will) that he is going to twist this all on me!!
what have i done??????

Re: i spilled the beans

PostPosted: Thu May 21, 2009 3:34 pm
by dipsydoodlenoodle
I agree with serendeipity.

You did nothing wrong; you didn't act on it when your friends boyfriend said he'd be interested in you; therefore you did nothing wrong.

Re: i spilled the beans

PostPosted: Thu May 21, 2009 7:29 pm
by babydee86
well she confronted him and he said ''its possible but i don't remember, it was a mad night, i probably just wanted to hurt you''
so she has told me not to worry it was just a bad bad night all round
she has also been totally 100% fine with me, although im sure it will come up again on a girly night out in the future, not in a bad way but just questions!
i do know tho that i have learnt a valuable lesson here tho.....secrets eat you up (in general i know they have there place the odd time)
thanks for the advise peeps!!!