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i dont want to lose him as a friend

PostPosted: Thu Nov 04, 2010 1:43 pm
by AbbeyyJune
Rightt, I liked this lad who i have been friends withh for like ages, (5 years or more) and we both got drunk and kissed but nothing else but we was kissing all night, after that he started texting me and being really nice so we was hanging around together more at my mates flat, but then everything was getting weird after, and he started texting my best friend, but when i asked him where i stood with him he said he didnt know cause it was weird so i asked why and he said i dont know and that is all i get out of him, but when he told me he liked my best friend i was gutted but now we dont speak at all, and i dont want to lose him at all, even if it is friends :S:S

Re: i dont want to lose him as a friend

PostPosted: Thu Nov 04, 2010 3:57 pm
by Bel Bel
Well I think he has been clear he wants to be just friends. You weren't g/f and b/f and never made any promises to each other so he hasn't done anythign wqrong.
He has probably assumed you don't want to speak to him anymore
If you wnat to be friends and are prepared to accept he may end up with your friend then just text him and say you know it all got weird and you get nothign is going to happen with you guys but you would like to stay friends. He will probably be happy with that as it means he may get to see your friend more too
However if you can't accept he will get with your friend then leave things and just be civil when you see him