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PostPosted: Wed Aug 13, 2003 1:31 pm
by bubblebath
i started a new skool 3 weeks be4 we broke up for the 6 weeks as at my old skool i was gettin bullied any way it was all goin then on the last my 2 friends fell out iwth me sayin id left them out but by the end of the day we amde up because i cried the i phoned her up the ither day and shed gone on holiday with this other friend i no they r cookin sumthin up to riun me at my new skoool and im scared wat it might be,the i met 2 other friends from my skool we started tlkin on the net and it all seemed fine they asked me to hang with them 1 of the days i was so pleased the wen i got bak home from bein with them they was bein really nasty callin me names sayin im borin and sinced the thats the way theve never been with me since i cry at nights , they havent askd me out with them or nothin then everytime i tlk to them on the net there bein really nasty i dont no wat ive done to ave no friends in the 3 weeks iove bben there I DONT WANT TO GO BAK TO SKOOL BECAUSE OF IT I WONT NO WHERE IN GOING OR NOTHIN AND with NO FRIENDS I AM SO LOW I WANT TO GO OUT PLEASE HELP!!


PostPosted: Wed Aug 13, 2003 4:15 pm
by briz babe
I'm sorry to here that about your so called friends. I'm just like you I got expelled from school and moved to another 1 five months ago I had quite a few friends at the start but recently theyve all gone off me Im not a bad person I wouldn't hurt anyone or anything I cant understand why no one really likes me either but the best thing to do is not give up go to school even if its hard and soon you might make friends be positive it all be ok. P.s what school do you go too.

dont give up when you still have something to give nothings really over until you stop tryin xxxx

I'm here if you wanna talk xx


PostPosted: Thu Aug 14, 2003 1:52 pm
by Beckyt
This is really an answer to both of your posts. 'Friends' who fall out with you the moment things in your life get tough aren't worth bothering about. In fact they are pathetic. Ok so you've both been expelled from school but that doesn't mean you deserve to be treated like rubbish by anyone, we are all human, we all make mistakes. You can't let people like this run you down, make you feel worthless because the truth is it's them with the problem. There's something about you that they want, they need or they admire. Perhaps they admire the fact that you got back on your feet after getting expelled. But then jealousy creeps up and its no longer admiration its vengeance that they want by bullying and harrassment. It takes a really brave, courageous person to stand up and say I'm not taking this rubbish from anyone anymore I don't need you! People will want to be friends if you show that you're open and honest with them and won't take any rubbish from the school bullies who will probably amount to nothing. Put your efforts now into getting a good education, being ambitious and learn to appreciate yourself a bit more and friends will come once you're more self-confident! :)
P.S. I have had a similar problem have a read if you want, you may be able to give me some advice!