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friendly neigbours threaten us

PostPosted: Tue May 08, 2012 9:59 pm
by saramidnite

i have or had nice neigbours untill this weekend. i use to viist the woman for coffee. she goes church 5 times aweek so she is well contected in the small village and town close by.
her husband does to.
they seamed repectable people in their 70s

we got a dog and even asked them before we got her if it would be ok. that it would not afend them.
we both own our oun homes.

she has admitted our dog is well behaved.
the all of a suddent friday , saturday, sunday and now tonight she is harrashing us saying the dog keeps ur up all night with barking and during the day.
me and my boyfrined have stay up all night more then once sue to this and the dog makes no noise.
she is lovely to every one and if any thing wants to lick u to death lol.

she claimed it was ruing their relationship may be the dog was evening moving due to the fall moon.
that it cause her to have high blood pressure yet she told me months she had it.

tonight she and her husband came to the house. they threaten my bf and me if we dont get rid of the dog. the husband from a bad area and admit he was part of alot of bad things in the past and what would happen to us.
basically people who be doing us harm and thats if my boyfriend doesnt run out of town which they chase him.
the husband said he glading go prison for it.

i recorded the covesation.
took it to the police but because it doesnt say certain words it just harrashment.
i wanted them to keep alog which they wont unless they follow it threw but then he will harm us if do.
i adopt the dog a few weeks ago and she been good as gold wven other neighbours have said so and every one who met her.
i am heart broken and feel i let the dog down.

they now trying to provoke her to bark. so we had to take her to my bf family to stay and going to try and move house. i am to scared to even be at home and worried what they will do tp me and my bf.

there not many dogs that are friendly to every one you meet so it a shame we have one and this happens

Re: friendly neigbours threaten us

PostPosted: Wed May 09, 2012 8:54 pm
by highlandcow
That's very odd that they would just suddenly turn on you like that. I would definitely feel threatened and worried in your shoes.
I think that it's a good idea for you to record the conversations, and perhaps see if you can get proof that your dog isn't keeping the street up at night. If they lodge a complaint then surely someone would come out to your street to asses the noise as proof. I mean, all dogs make a bit of noise every now and again, but it depends if they see a few barks at the postman as "harassment".

I would be tempted to bring your evidence back to the police or to the Citizens Advice people as no one deserves to live with this kind of threat , especially if you haven't done anything wrong. Try to have witnesses with you when they are making threats to back things up and keep a log of everything that they have said.
Also, I'm sure your dog's vet records would state that he's not aggressive.

I can see how you'd be tempted to move (I would be too) but if you do, then they have won.

Re: friendly neigbours threaten us

PostPosted: Thu May 24, 2012 4:30 pm
by Bel Bel
Every council has an enviornmental noise pollution department and if someone complains about noise they provide them with recording equipment to get evidence of noise
I suggest you ring them and advise of thje false claims and ask if they can help.
Also agree you must keep a diary of all events and take it back to the police if it gets more serious.