My best mate is being promiscuous

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My best mate is being promiscuous

Postby Differcult » Tue Oct 07, 2003 7:24 pm

Right here it goes soz if it's long but i need to get this sorted before it gets any worse. My best mate is two yrs older than me and she goes out and gets drunk nearly every weekend. She had her first love but he dumped her and she still hasn't got over him though this was a couple of months ago. A couple of weeks ago she found out her parents were splitting up she then found our mate is going out with her first love. Ever since she's got that news she's slept with every person going. She's had everything to a pregancy scare to an STI i'm getting worried bout her and i don't want her to end up with a rubbish job and sleeping with everyone coming along. What should i do about her as she's not listening to me or my mate. I don't want her ending up as a teenaged mum Please help me.
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Postby saz » Wed Oct 08, 2003 10:48 am

You are a good mate to be so worried about her. She sounds really hurt and mixed up over everything. She is behaving this way to make herself feel better.

Right, you could get all your mates together to talk to her and offer help and support. Or maybe your mum could talk to her if she cant talk to her own mum at the moment. I know her parents are going through a really bad time but maybe you could talk to her mum and tell her how worried you are. You dont have to go into graphic details but they will find out if she ends up pregnant. You could find out if there is a local youth centre near you. I have one in my home town which offers counselling, job advice, pregnancy STI advice and loads more to under 25's. Offer to go with her and help her out.

I used to be like your friend and none of my friends really helped me because they were all doing the same thing. It was my mum who really helped me. I had plenty of chances to sort myself out and times when i should have seen wake up calls. In the end i really got into trouble, but luckily my mum was there to sort it out for me. I could have been a schoolgirl mum and at the time didn't care but luckily i sorted myself out. I had major family problems and the way i dealt with it was to drink and sleep around to feel better. It doesnt though it makes you feel worse.

Keep trying to help your mate. Maybe organise to go out to places where there is no drink and no men! Girly nights in with a video or cinema might give her the chance to see how she is wasting her life by doing the other things. There is nothing wrong with having fun though as long as you know when to stop.

Good luck let me know how it is going.
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