we are not longer mates

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we are not longer mates

Postby saraha » Wed Oct 15, 2003 10:39 pm

i was friends with serval blokes but we not longer freinds because they wanted more the friendship and i was going out my boyfriend who just dump wish is really upsetting me at the moment.

the blokes were causeing problems for my relationship,
they txt me telling me they care and love me,
i expalined i had a boyfriend,
i miss them as friends,

i feel terrible as my boyfriend dump due to my friend liking me and didnt believe me and this bloke were just mates.

i lost all my mates and now feel all alone,
i tried to expalin to the blokes i just want to be mates,
they seem to accept it and now they dont want no as i refuse to go be hind me boyfriends back,

i didnt wanta hurt any one,
i though my friends were trying to use me as they mainly wanted to meet 4 sex.
my boyfriend i believed love me,
so i picked him.
now i have no friends.
and no boyfriend now.
i have no one to talk to as my family hurt me.

i just feel terrible.
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Postby fudge » Thu Oct 16, 2003 8:57 am

ive just repled to your other post so i wont repeat myself ill just say i lost all my friends a few years back after having my son they were all going out and i no longer fitted in to there group i guess i slowed them even my boyfriend left me in the end when i was pregnent with my second child but now im happy have friends with the same interests and have met a lovely man who ive been with for nearly 3 years and am looking forwerds to starting a course soon so what in saying is no matter how low and lonely you feel right we all fall in jelly sometimes but it always washes off so you just need to keep going it will all work out in the end :D
p,s i hope my replys help
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Postby cheese100 » Mon Nov 03, 2003 9:07 pm

dear Friend,
I am sorry you have lost both friends and boyfriend.But if you friends were truely friends they would have left you alone once you told them and even if they did love you they would still be happy for you.As for you're boyfriend there was a lot of evidence to suggest you were more than just friends but maybe he should have belived you seeming as you did tell him more than once.If he was really concerned then he could have infestigated not dumped you.So you are better off to find people you can trust and trust you in both cases.Good Luck Josie xx
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