best friends no more

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best friends no more

Postby bean_pole » Sun Oct 19, 2003 7:42 pm

:( i no longer have a best friend...we were mates for 3 yrs and i could tell her everything she lives just a few roads away so we were always round eachothers houses when we had the chance anyway boyfriends came along at the same time for us and also went at the same time only thing is i havent had one for a while where as she has...this recent one she really liked and naturally wanted me being her best mate to get to know him anyway as it turns out we did get along had a few laughs we all went out together in the evenings etc...only things started to change when he began to keep continously pinching my bum and talk about it even in front of her! well apparently he talked about me quite a lot and she needed to know if he fancied me so she texted me off his phone pretending to be him...she sent flirtatious which i replied you perve you are my best mates i thought it was him at the time...anyway 3 years of friendship has come to nothing as she trusted him rather than me...and she only known him 3 months...i really miss her but dont want to say sorry as i havent done anything not apologising for something i havent done...please help i would like some advice...sorry about the long story :cry:
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Postby Enigma » Sun Oct 19, 2003 7:57 pm

Hi bean_pole!

You've demonstrated supportive friendship in the way you responded to those text messages. Any real friend would ask you directly if they wanted to know about any aspect of your life, they would not be malicious and manipulative, and certainly they would never suspect you of seeing their partner. Don't apologise if there's nothing to apologise about. It's their loss.
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Postby halfwaythere » Mon Oct 20, 2003 4:21 pm

One thing i have noticed when your best friends have bf/gf's they immediatly become more important then you were, the order in life goes Bf/Gf - Best Mates - Mates e.t.c You think nothing can get in the way between you but when something does things go right out of balance. My advise was to be blunt and make her realise you are feeling leftout but BEWARE that isn't always the best move just my opinon. If not you still need to let her know in some way you are feeling left out.

hope this helps

Steve -x- 8)
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