A Girl met at the Library

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A Girl met at the Library

Post by nonplussed » Fri Mar 13, 2015 6:13 pm

A few months ago I was sitting outside the Library waiting for it to open. A girl came up to me and asked if I had once lived in a nearby village. I confirmed that I did and she said that my Mum had given her lifts to work. She mentioned me having a dog at the time (he died in the 1980s). Unusually for me I chatted to her and we very nearly flirted. She jokingly said the lifts were 10 years ago and was amused when I queried this. She also said my hair had blond highlights (it's grey really but that did not stop me looking in the mirror when I got home!).

I found her charming company and hoped that we would meet again at the library. I confess that I visited the library a lot over the next week but there was no sign of her. C'est la vie. Life resumed it's normal pattern.

A month or two later I was walking in town when a voice called out. It was this girl!! She was waiting outside a shop that was late opening. She said she was leaving on a trip, a long held dream. I was truly impressed and said it was unusual for people to follow their dream like that. She said we must meet up for coffee when she got back. I was really pleased about this but did not give her my contact details.

More weeks passed and then on New Years Eve we met by chance in town. We agreed to meet to talk about her trip. She didn't show up. On another chance meeting she explained she had had an accident. I believe this was genuine.

Today I saw her in the library. Before speaking to her I went to the librarians desk, borrowed a pen and paper, and wrote out my contact details. I then asked her how she was and she asked me how I was, but in a cool manner. I went to the nearby bathroom to compose myself. When I came out she had gone!! Scarpered.

I'm 56 years old and very surprised to feel the angst of a teenager. Writing this has helped me to see that I should have been more assertive and been the one to suggest coffee. It might also have helped if I had given her my phone number.

Thank you for reading this. Venting has helped. I think it is best that I don't speak to girls in the library.

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Re: A Girl met at the Library

Post by miaow » Wed Sep 23, 2015 12:23 pm

I hope you meet her again and can arrange to catch up over a coffee or something. Good Luck!

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