worried my friends will drift away

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worried my friends will drift away

Postby Smiths_fan » Sun Jan 04, 2004 1:59 am

Im very worried my friends will slowly just drift away.

Im at uni, 2nd year, and my social circle seems to be getting smaller and smaller...

Ive never really had a large number of friends, and didnt really have any til about 3 years ago. I had people I hung around with, but I dont miss them at all, which shows how close friends we were.

But then, yeah, 3 years ago, I started a year long art foundation course, and met some great people, and I felt that theyd be friends for a long time. Most of them seem to have disappeared when we went to different universitys.

I managed to keep in touch with a few, though.

And at uni, the first year I lived in the city centre in halls, and most of the friends I made lived quite close, but now weve had to move to different accomodation, I only really see my housemates and the few friends on my course. (most of the friends I made I met at a Rock society).

Anyway, most of my favourite people, at uni and at home, dont even try to get in touch with me. If I didnt phone or text most of them, I doubt I'd see them.

Im always the one who has to contact them.

So Im just worried, in fact, I'm frightened that most of my friends will slowly disappear. I finish uni in a couple of years time, and I am having serous doubts I'll see most of them again, even though I'd probably want to.

Im just scared Im gonna be a virtual loner by the time I'm 25
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Postby misatok11 » Sun Jan 04, 2004 2:27 am

Friends come and go and unfortunately its just one of those things that happen. As we move on through life we only keep so much friends who we keep going back to.

Try e-mailing them or arranging nights out. As for being a loner at 25 i doubt that very much, go out have fun enjoy the cheap booze while it lasts! At least that way you will be getting seen and meeting new faces.
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Postby sovs » Sun Jan 04, 2004 1:33 pm

At school i had a lot of friends i would hang out with, but no one special.
When i left school i only stay in contact with one of them.
I got married have a family but im happy.
I have loads of family that are my age group that im happy chilling out with and having fun.
Try not to worry to much, im sure you will make a decent friend that wont blow you off soon and you will be friends for years to come :wink:
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