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new friends/old friends

Postby LoVe BuG » Tue Jan 27, 2004 5:10 pm

Hi all sorry i haven't been on for ages been ill for a while and had to sort out my sisters pregnancy.

So at the begining of my school year i met some new friends who i hang around with alot, now my old friends i dont get to see the anymore unless its on lesson change over. It sounds stupid but i really do try to make time for all but the new friends make me happier then the old ones,when i was with them(old friends) i was always stressed but with my new ones im happy.

I dont want to get to close to any friends as i live in a pub its hard because i moved last time i got close so i try not to i've tred explaing to them and they understand but theres people who i love as my mates so much and i love being with them. What I'm trying to say is i want to try and make time for both and they also dont get along well they are always saying something about each other.

please write back i'll be greatful for your opinions.

Love Trudi!!!
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Postby cheese100 » Tue Jan 27, 2004 8:36 pm

It is mean for them to put you in this position just say if they were your friends they would try to make an effort but at the end of the day if your new friend make you hapier and you prepare to keep up those friendship than that your choice but at least try to make them understand.cheese xx
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Postby sweetgen » Mon Mar 22, 2004 10:26 pm

hiya i agree with cheese100 it is mean of your friend to put you in this situation but old friends are always gonna be jelous of new friends especially if they dont get to see you as much . maybe you could arrange an activity you could do with your old mates once a week (or more if possible) like a club or going to the movies something you could do without canceling so your old mates dont get jelous . you could also try to get your old mates and new mates to become friends focus on their possitive things rather than the negative when discussing it with them.
this is comming from someone whose been in the situation :lol:
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