My Bestfirend of 12 Years Hates My Girlfirend.

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My Bestfirend of 12 Years Hates My Girlfirend.

Postby thegoof » Fri Mar 05, 2004 3:17 pm

I have been with My girlfirend for 2 1/2 Years. Last year we were engaged and living together however she ended the relationship after a rocky patch and began seeing someone else from work. This didn't work out, and we got back together 3 months after we broke up.

Since bgeing back to together (2 months) things have been much better and problems in our past have pretty much stayed there. It would be fair to say i am very happy with her.

Obviuosly when we broke up I confided in my best friend who was great and suppotive. He has never liked my girlfriend, probably as we argued so much previuossly, and now when he talks about her is very derrogatory, and refuses to speak to her or see her.

As you can imagine this makes my life very difficult which I have explained to him calmly but he seems to juts disregard this.

Other friends thought it was a bad move me getting back with her but have no accepted we are happy why can't he?

It is now getting to the poiunt that his comments are getting really offensive and I'm losing my temper with him.

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Postby charlie2003 » Fri Mar 05, 2004 11:35 pm

He probably thinks that she will do what she did before, He's looking out for you which is something all good mates do but if its really getting you down then you need to tell him like it or lump it. If he thinks enough of your friendship then he will except that you love this girl and that your with her.

take care x hope it works out for you
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Postby saz » Sat Mar 06, 2004 12:12 pm

Your mate cares about you but you are a big grown up adult, and he has to accept that you have your eyes wide open and know what you are doing. Tell him that you really appreciate his friendship and support, but this is something you have chosen and nothing he can say will change your mind. Perhaps he just needs time to adjust to things. If he sees you happy then hopefully he will come round, but for the while you might have to keep them apart. Ask him to carry on seeing you as a mate but dont mention your girlfriend for a while.
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