I think shes jealous

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I think shes jealous

Postby JennaXXX » Mon Feb 28, 2005 11:41 am

Lately me and my best mate have been socialising with her boyfriend a lot. One of his friends comes along too. At first it was great but now I am getting the impression that she is jealous of the friendship that I have with her boyfriend. He is always really nice to me and pays me quite a lot of attention but he never leaves her out and is a lot more affectionate with her then he is me.
She is absolutely stunning and looks like Halle Berry so I have no idea why she feels like this.
I dont know for sure if she is jealous but she keeps going all moody and silent and she has been dropping hints about boyfriends getting cozy with their girlfriends mates and has even shown me articles on magazines about this issue.
It drives me crazy as she is such a control freak towards him. I dont see why I should stop socalizing with her boyfriend. She doesn't own him and theres nothing dodgy going on. The friendship I have with him is very special and I dont want to lose that.
They are both important to me but I can see that things are about to blow up if something doesn't get sorted out. Any advice?
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Postby saz » Mon Feb 28, 2005 4:23 pm

Hmm this is a difficult one. On the one hand no you shouldnt have to stop socialising but perhaps you do behave in a way that makes her feel a bit insecure. If you are very close and have a special friendship it can often make people feel uncomfortable. She may feel that she needs all of his attention and although yes that isn't a good way to behave, it is for him and her to sort out between them.

I think that sometimes people want to feel very special to their partner and if they are close to someone else, it can be threatening. Maybe look at the way you behave with him and see whether there is anything in particular getting to her - hugging for instance. Lots of people also have different rules in relationships, they like to feel centre of attention and really to be honest it would be better if she was open with you about how she feels, but i sense that she feels she is being slightly unreasonable and that is why she is trying to drop hints.

You have think that maybe you wouldn't mind if it was the other way round but she isn't you and being beautiful doesn't mean people dont feel insecure. Tell her how much you value your friendship and would never do anything to upset her, you want to be friends with both of them and hopefully in time she will realise you aren't trying to steal her man!
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